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How do your cats act...

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...when you're out of town and have someone come by to feed/check on them?

I'm curious because I got full report from my downstairs neighbor when I got home last night after being gone for five days. She said Gracie met her on the stairs going up to my apartment every day kind of like the lookout. Then, Gracie ran ahead like she was telling the others it was okay. My neighbor also said Gracie followed her around the whole time she was there, scooping litterboxes, changing water, etc... like she was keeping an eye on her.

She said the other three held back at first, but when she headed for the kitchen they all followed her. (I wonder why?) Then, they all got very affectionate when she popped open a can of wet food, especially Peter.
That's my boy!
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My mom say Phenom would never get near her. Poor baby only likes her real meowmie feeding her. To heck with Grandmeowmie!!
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My dad, and friends I've had check on them say that Lucky comes running to the door, sees that it's not me, and turns around and walks away. Rambo is an equal opportunity hussy so he stays around for whatever scritches he can gets...and the tries to usher the person towards the kitchen!
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Well, I don't go out of town, but sometimes if I have somewhere to go and won't be home till late, i will have my sister go over and let the dogs out and feed the kitties... and as long as there is food invloved, my kitties are there with bells on!
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My girls hide at first, but my boys welcome whoever has come in within a minute or so.............

Eileen, that week went fast!! How was your trip??? Any pics?
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My boy usually looks forward to my friend coming by when I have to travel out of town.

He waits for her at the door - guess he knows the sound of her car- loves the company, the attention and of course a clean litterbox !!! Food that can wait he just wants attention any which way he can get it...
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If my husband stays home and I go away, he says they all act the same but Bella she will sit at the top of the stairs waiting for me he says it takes her like 4 days to realize I won't be home for a while then she will be affectionate to him but would never sleep in the bed with him without me. And when I get home she's glued to me for days on end!!! The other ones don't seem to care!
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My neighbor took care of my crew last weekend. She didn't see cookie and suzie at all.. not surprising they are afraid of strangers. The other two came right up to her, they aren't shy. Rocky meowed and cried for attention like he does me. She said she felt bad for him so she carried him around the whole time. She is an animal lover too, she has 3 kitties (used to have 4 but one had to be put down last fall). They also have two dogs, a lab mix and a wiggly, hyper, goofy, young lab girl. Her kitties are indoor/outdoor.
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The typical drill according to our catsitter is that on her first visit, she gets a glimpse of Cindy in the distance, and then not again. It's like "Oh, it's not Mum." Fawn is -- I like that term "equal opportunity hussy" -- that's her. She comes out to play and get attention. Sometimes she's right there when Debbie arrives. Otherwise, she appears within minutes. Suzy is invisible the whole time -- but then, not many people, other than us, actually get to see her, so that's no big surprise.
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Apparently the boys don't like people much if I'm not there. If I am, they'll stick around and do the meet and greet, though they only seem to warm up to cat lovers. But if I'm not there, I've been told they're pretty wary of people, even people they know pretty well! I guess I'm sort of "safe base" for them.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
My girls hide at first, but my boys welcome whoever has come in within a minute or so.............

Eileen, that week went fast!! How was your trip??? Any pics?
Here's a few pics, Susie. We had a great time!
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If I'm out of town but Pat's still there, it doesn't bother them much. They're used to my coming and going...but Tailer and Forest will stick to me like glue when I get back.

If we're both out of town the reports I get from my parents are that Forest meets them at the door and demands his daily dose of belly rubbing. Harvey will come and see who it is, but then take off and hide when he realizes it isn't us. Tailer will greet them, but doesn't have much to do with them until they pop open a can of food. (If my dad's there, though, Tailer will eat a little of his food then sit and yowl until my dad comes and sits by him and pets him while he eats. He's totally knows how to manipulate his grampaw!)
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I actually had a thread about it.
I dont remember where it is though..Anyways-
We had gotton home from a 5 day trip to Florida, and the MIL was supposed to be feeding, and all that stuff for the cats..Which she says she was.
But we got home, and the second we walked in the door, it was HORRID!
Mushi & Kipper had pooped ALL OVER the house..and when I say all over, I mean ALL OVER. Every single thing in the house had some type of poop on it. And Mushi's butt was covered in poop, he couldnt even move because his butt was practically being pulled out of him. I took him to the vet immediatly, While DH scrubbed the house.

Turns out, they just got really stressed out without us being here. We're always here. They pooped themselves like crazy, and couldnt stop. They were both shaking when we got home too. It was terrible. time I go out, I am hiring Shannon "menageriemama" as my pet-sitter..Or letting someone take them for the time we're gone.

It was just horrid. Poor little things..Kipper was so sad. And Mushi was a wreck for like 3 days after that. And I was so stressed out because 15 minutes after walking in the door, I was rushing to the vet..My ears still hadnt even popped from getting off of the plane.

It took about 2 weeks to actually get the house back to normal smell. We had to scrub everything. We had to take apart the bed, and couches, and wash them all. We had to have the carpet shampooed. Everything... Bad memories.
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Good for Gracie! She sounds like a brave kitty.

I've never had anyone sit for my cats (either I or BF is always here - not all day, obviously) - but I do sit for my friend and her cat Damien.

Damien loves me for looking in on him, but he doesn't have any other kitties to keep him company. Sometimes I'll stay at the house for hours (once for five hours, because he really wanted to sleep in my lap) so that he wouldn't get too lonely. (The minimum I stay is 45 mins a day, and I try to check in twice on those days, so that it is 45 min x 2).
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Originally Posted by eilcon View Post
...when you're out of town and have someone come by to feed/check on them?
I'll get back to you on this when I actually get to go somewhere away from home for more than like 12 hours!!! I would probably cry being away from Kitters that long though!!!
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Although they do everything they usually do, they hang around my bedroom door waiting... The sitters say it's sad and depressing to watch them.
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