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My Cat Mandy has Been Missing for atleast 5-6 days and hasn't come home once, I'm really worried that someone might have taken him or he got lost, is it likely that he wont come home at all? The last time i saw he was sleeping next my female and his kittens all together in one bed.. odd i know but he loves them dearly he washes and takes care of them. Should i post posters up on tree's on my street, he doesn't leave from the front, only from the back.. Should i wait or take action i looked everywhere for him, and i haven't even seen a cat at all.. I'm really worried.. I even put his favorite treat outside and it was gone two hours later, it might have been the down stairs cat, but maybe he came ate it.. I left the litter outside for him incase he wanted to come back and take a little pee-pee.. anyway if anyone can help me i'd me gratful and at yur feet forever he's my bestfriend.. and I just want him to come home so i could take care or him and kiss him like i do best....

thank you..
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Your cat is the father of the kittens? Meaning he is not neutered? That is where he has gone. A whole male will leave for extended periods of times in search of females and mating. Sometimes they will not return, sometimes they will.

Maybe he is neutered? Really can't go on until we know for sure if he is or isn't.
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He is not but that's the thing he was to be schedualed to be neutered the following week.. and now i had to cancel, who am i gonna get neutered if i don't have him myself? lol..anyway i hope he'll be back... i guess thats all i can hope..
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Steph I am not an expert but I will share what little I know.
Don't bother putting out a litter box. He can pee or poo anywhre outside. He will be more interested in FOOD.
Unless you live in the boonies, there is a good chance it was him who ate the treat. The best advice I got on this board trying to retrieve an adopted feral was to put out food. Put it out at the same time very day, so that he knows he can rely on it. If you can figure out when it is being eaten, try to watch out a window to see who is eating it. The other trick is to put flour around where the food is so you can see the pawprints, although this did not work very well for me.
Good luck!
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You put litter outside not for kitty to use the litterbox, but so kitty can smell his waste, and know that this is home. If your cat is an in and out cat, he knows where home is. If he is generally inside only, he won't know that is his home, and putting soiled litter out will help him know where home is.
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Interesting, well the litterbox was last used by him, i cleaned the poop and stuff but the urine is still in there, and i can't be home watching unfourtunatly becuz i have to work, but i don't live the boonies lol, but there are a lot of cats, and my neighbors let their cats out during the day, and i think that my downstairs neighbor keeps scaring my cat away and he just generally can't come home... I'm gonna go put some food and treats outside to see if he comes home.. thanks you for the advice i appreciate it a lot.

If anyoen else has anymore suggestions please do tell.
By the way he is generally an outdoors cat so he knows his way home.
You nice people just gave me more hope to see my bestfriend again, thanks.
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By the way he is generally an outdoors cat so he knows his way home.
First off he should generally NOT be an outdoor cat since he is not neutered. I am only saying that because you mentioned that yourself. I hope this particular time was just an accident but he should never ever be let out intentionally if he is not neutered. Just curious as to why you are normally letting him out since he isn't neutered? He has probably been responsible for dozens of pregnant cats in your area.

Also if you have a mother cat and kittens (assuming she is not spayed yet) then you can assume she is pregnant again by him since you said you witnessed him sleeping next to her and her babies. Females can get pregnant almost immediately after giving birth even if they aren't in heat and with intact males around it WILL happen, it takes a matter of seconds.

Ok so now to help out with getting your cat back. I would suggest borrowing or buying a trap in case he comes by when you aren't home. I would suggest putting it out at night which is most likely when he comes by. Put tuna or a some stinky fishy cat food in the trap ans see if you can just trap him. You can put some soiled litter out there too around the trap from your current cats as he will smell the familar smell.

If he is normally an outdoor cat. He is just out to seek females which is why he needs to never be let out again until you can get his neutering rescheduled and your female is spayed. (also note that once he is neutered, he can STILL get your female momma cat prego again until about 3-4 weeks after his neutering or until she is spayed.
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I know this all too well...Patches has been missing for almost 2
weeks now..Hopefully both of our babies come home soon
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Hi, yah I understand what you mean, i don't let him out on purpose, when i'm bringing out the laundry to hang outside on the clothes line he just slips through, and i can't really notice with the laundry in my hands... I have kept him inside for about 3-4 months before this inncedent, and he is always surprivised when he is with the female, because i can't take care of 12 cats at once... He just rests next to them, thats all, I would get her spayed but i have to wait another 3 weeks before i can do anything, but as for my male he was schedualed August 16 for his neutering. but he never came home.. so i'm worried.. But what i meant by he is usually outside is that he is in the backyard with me, or in a large case that my father made, i can show if you guys wanna see it? lol i have to scan the pic,
The man on the side is my Dad, lol.. Wierdo.. At this time we were on vacation when my dad built it..
And this is where he stays for atleast 2 hours or so, with water, food, litter, and bed.. even a carpet so he can just lay down when he wants.
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Wow that is an awesome little enclosure there! I want one!
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