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Happy Birthday, Prego!!!!!

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OK, it's not actually his birthday. It's his adoption anniversary. But we're celebrating it as his birthday because I don't know his actual birthday. We are so excited!

Three years ago today, I adopted Prego from our local humane society. Scot wanted to get a black cat. That was fine with me since there were hundreds of cats to choose from. I saw Prego (who was then called Taylor) sitting in his cage. I thought he was a pretty cat, and I asked if I could see him. They have little rooms you can take cats in to check them out. So I, Prego and Scot went into the little room. I petted him; he really loved that. Then I put him in my lap so he'd know it was ok to sit in my lap. He got up and went over to Scot to say hi. Then he came back, plopped in my lap and began to purr. I was in love at first purr. But I couldn't just take the first cat I looked at. So we looked at two more cats. But they weren't like Prego. They weren't as friendly or as interested in us. So we choose Prego. I sat down on the floor next to his cage to fill out an adoption application. I could tell he loved me too because he kept pawing at me through the bars. Our humane society has a 24-hour wait to review your adoption application and give the cat a final vet check-up before they leave. So I had to come back the next day for Prego. I thought his heart would break when I left him. He looked so sad. But I promised him that I'd be back the next day, and I was.\\

Happy Birthday Prego from your meowmy and your little sister, Polly! We love you!
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Happy Birthday Prego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Enjoy your very special day, sweet boy!

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Happy Birthday
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What a beautiful story !!!!!

Happy Birthday Prego !!!!!
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That is such a sweet story!!

Happy Birthday Prego!
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Happy birthday Prego!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday Prego!!!
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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Prego sends his love!
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That's so sweet!

Happy birthday Prego!
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Happy anniversary
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:Happy 3rd Birthday Prego

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Sure hope you've enjoyed being extra spoiled today, Prego, and are enjoying your new toys for you and your sister!
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I got Prego a honeysuckle to go box from Plain Brown Tabby. Both cats really loved it. They aren't catnip responders, so it was really fun to find something they do respond to.

As soon as I opened the box, they could smell the honeysuckle and started meowing. I gave each of them an octopus to play with, and they both went nuts!

Can you leave these toys out all the time or do you take them up and just bring them out for a few minutes at a time? We have been taking them up.
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Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day Prego!

How funny - Prego's twin Trent also loves Honeysuckle! I personally will leave the honeysuckle balls, pillows and snake ( ) out for them to play with at will, but I do take up the octopus because I'm afraid Trent will chew through and swallow one of the felt "legs".
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That's one thing Scot noticed before I did...the legs of the octopus. I have him well trained that they can't play with "string toys" unless supervised. Maybe I'll leave him the ball.

The pillow I'm not sure about. Prego had a catnip pillow. He chewed it open and started sucking out the stuffing, so I took it away. I didn't think it was too good for him to eat stuffing. I'm afraid he'll do the same thing with the honeysuckle pillow, so I've been watching him when he's playing with it.

Prego and Trent are so alike, it's getting scary!
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