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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256 View Post
I am going to get my ducks in a row, contact a lawyer, find out how many other people he did this to and get a class action lawsuit going...he's gonna be sorry he EVER became a vet!
Good! I hope that stupid vet pays...and dearly!
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I faxed over the paperwork to the newspaper and I'm waiting to hear from them. They said it might be a week or two.
I also called the #'s given to me and I had to leave messages and haven't heard anything yet.
I contacted the local news stations and emailed them the story and papers... no word yet.

DH and I decided that we probably won't get a kitten from my neighbor. We'll have 4-5 of them running around the house soon enough
Reilly has another appointment in 2 weeks with her new vet. I don't know why I didn't start taking her and Tiger to Jake's vet in the first place. It's just when we adopted Jake that was the vet the SPCA assigned for his first check-up and we never bothered to switch either of them over.. I wish I did now. I would have known earlier.
She's eating EVERYTHING in the house. I can't keep her out of our/my food. Cereal, cheese, popcorn.... anything
I still feel guilty because she's so young... She'll be a year old in Sept.
I think she's gonna be a good momma though. She was grooming Tiger yesterday. I also think Tiger's gonna be a good step-daddy
He LOVES kittens... Including when we got Lily and Reilly as babies...He would let them nurse on him and would groom them
Jake on the other hand is going to have to be separated for awhile... he's too rough and I've been working on teaching him "easy" and "no kitty!"
He's doing pretty good with it. I say it when he's trying to play with Reilly and he walks away and plays with Tiger....
I will let everyone know how it's going as time passes... I guess I'll have to start posting in the Pregnancy forum now
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Thanks for the update. I have a feeling this is going to be a long running thread!
Good to hear Reilly is doing ok with it all.
I hope the papers pick up this story - it's bound to generate a fair amount of interest from the public.
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Wow. I would sue the scalpel right out of that vet's hand. I hope the local news gives him the attention he deserves for being a ripoff artist, and that the state's vet board strongly reconsiders his position.

I think that he should have to pay for the s/n of your cat AND the kittens (at another vet's office, of course). It's only fair as he charged you for the service which would have prevented this situation without doing it.
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I would try to find out how to report that Quack to the proper authorities. Chances are he is not even a vet. There is no telling what he may do to someone's precious furbaby. Good luck with your cat and kittens.
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I would call the SPCA and let them know too.. since they seem to have been involved with this vet.
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Just dropped in for a quick visit and read this post -

I can't believe this could have happened to Reilly - poor baby - I 'm glad things seem to be going well for her and that she has an easy time with the birth.

I agree with everyone's comments that "vet" needs to be stopped - how could he do such a thing to helpless kitties and other onimals.

Thanks for keeping us updated. Sending "easy birth" vibes to Reilly and hugs to you.
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Originally Posted by zak&rocky View Post
I would call the SPCA and let them know too.. since they seem to have been involved with this vet.
Actually, Jake (the dog) was adopted from the SPCA, not Reilly... Jake's vet is the good vet recommended by the SPCA
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How is little Reilly feeling tonight? I hope her pregnancy is progressing smoothly. Has anything progressed with the authorities taking action against this vet? I'm sure your local paper and tv stations would investigate and inform the public about this sad excuse for a "synthetic vet." I'm sooo sorry you are going through this right now! I applaud you for being a proactive owner and for trying to do the right thing. Even though it's a horrible circumstance, i'm glad that Reilly and her future babies will be safe with you to look after them . She's one lucky girl to have you for her momma
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Oh wow, that's so shocking! When I first read the story on page one, I was so furious; though I've calmed down a bit by page four. I definetely agree with everyone that you need to do everything you can against this vet and alert everyone about him. I would hate it if he was running the same type of a scam somewhere else, with poor kitties suffering! S/N is a very serious thing and he went against anything and everything he could, IMO. I'm sorry that it had to happen to you and hope that Reilly's pregnancy (and birth) goes as smoothly as possible.
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Wow!! Thats a crazy story!!

I think you should definitely call up that vet and ask him to at least refund you for the surgery, and for the cost that you will have to pay because of the kittens on there way!!!
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happened to us thats how we got little a
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Just finished reading this thread. What a shock! Poor Reilly. I hope her pregnancy goes well.

I agree with everyone else. Report the vet to the licenseing board and anywere else that might have some influence. The fact that the vet moved so suddenly makes me wonder if someone else found out what he was doing and threatened to report him. Best of luck in your efforts to stop him.

Meowmy to seven furbabies
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We've had this happen before but with sugar gliders! It's something that happens naturally though- it's called Embryonic Diapause.

I don't know if this has been asked/answered but do you know when the babies are due?
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