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buying a purebred

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So I have a question for you breeders. When you guys are selling a kitten do the same prices apply to older cats? I know you can get a discount on a retired cat.
The story here is that a breeder was holding on to a cat for someone who i guess never came around to pick it up so now the kitten is a little older (around 6 months). Would you guys charge the same amount for this cat as you would for a younger one?
Thanks guys!
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Yes, it is a terrible dilemma for a breeder.

The solution is to the presumtive buyer who asks to hold on a kitten pays some in advance.
The buyer of the 6-months could then enjoy a price reduction of about the advance-payment....

If the cat is for breeding or prime-show-quality - the price should be roughly the same.
But a pet should give some lower price I believe - many people do think the kitten-period is loveably...

And if the cat is raised in a cage like many big breeders do - it should give a substantial price reduction, as the cat must be socialized.
Not same price reduction if the cat is family raised.
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If it was a kitten, its the same price. For me, I consider them kittens till about 9 months - for show purposes 8 months is an "adult". If the cat is over a year or so, then I reduce the price.

HOWEVER, it depends more on whether the people are showing the kitten/cat or its just a pet. If the person wants to adopt an older cat that is retired from showing, I'll reduce the price; otherwise if its being shown (kitten or adult) it will be my standard show quality price.

I had pet price, show alter price and show breeding price.
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