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Bee stings HURT!!!

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I haven't been stung by a bee in over 30 years, but today while driving to work, I got stung!

He had flew in my window and was on my pants. I didn't see him and put my arm on him. I suddenly felt this hot sting!!

Well, I almost immediately had trouble breathing and so I talked to my boss and then went across the street to the hospital. They gave me a shot of benadryl and an icepack. My arm still hurts but at least I am able to breathe. I have a perscription for benadryl to keep down the itching.

I have never been allergic before but I guess I am now!
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Knock on wood, I have never been stung! My 2 y/o got stung a few mos ago though, and it left quite a welt on her.
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Poor thing! I feel bad for you! I hope you get to feeling better soon from that bee sting. I'm super allergic to wasps- got stung when we lived on a farm when i was younger...and wound up swelling up like a grapefruit(i'm allergic to those too lol). It was aweful- and my aunt was trying to slather chewing tobacco on it to and i'm asthmatic....needless to say they took me to a hospital. I hope you feel better soon dear. Keep ice on it , it'll help the swelling. I'm sending you lots of good vibes
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Its been a week since my bee stings-I feel your pain!!!
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Are you feeling any better today?
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well at least the Bee died when you get stung by a wasp they just live on probably laughing at anyone that is stung by them.
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Oh my gosh, I know how you feel! When I mow the grass in my backyard by my neighbors fence I get stung every time by yellow jackets. They must have a nest in their yard. I hate mowing the backyard now. The stings hurt for so long too! I was stung 3 times the last time I mowed the lawn.
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I am doing just fine now... I took the day off on Wednesday, the day I got stung, and went back the next day. I have a great supervisor. He even kidded me today about it. I am very wary now of bees. And I look before I put my arm somewhere.
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they say that most dont have a allergic reaction to the first sting
In order for your body to have a reaction it has to have been exposed to it before.
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