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=Baby Update Tiki=

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For sale.

1/2 pound of pure terror. Bengal kitten. Make offer. ;-)
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too precious! how much? boy or girl? Tiki must be one proud momma.
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OMG!!!!!!!! that kitten is beyond precious!
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That is just soooooo cute!!! Does he/she have a name?
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look at that face! Is that Ivan the Terror? Too cute!
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I have to say it again P R E C I O U S!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey Anne, I think we need to put this on a post card if it's ok with nite!
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Oh my...... how cute! Is it a female?
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Can't make an offer; that face is PRICELESS!
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I keep coming back to this thread to look at the pic- that is the CUTEST kitten I have ever seen

I agree with the postcard suggestion
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AAAAWWWWWW!!!! Can we have a nibble of little kitty ears?! Please?! That is just too cute. I just keep coming back to look.
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I showed my daughter the picture, and being the artistic one, she pointed out how the little whiskers droop down the same as the little mouth. I am also guilty for at least 20 or so peeks at this sweet face.
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Tiki had 3 boys on June 4. One marble and 2 spotted leopards. They are getting cuter everyday! The image is uncopyright forever and may be used freely.

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I'm selling them for $500 ea. I'm in Denver, CO.
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$500 is a good price for a Bengal. I know they go for more than that. And that face!!!!!!

Thanks for showing!!!

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trade you my hubby for 1 kitten!

My hubby cooks and cleans - it is a fair trade - honest!
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That baby is just so precious! Darn, I wish I had an extra $500, and that leasors would allow more than 2 cats. I'm even in the Denver area! Too much temptation.......
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