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Where is the dirtiest place in your house??

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As part of prepping for painting my kitchen I had to move the range so I could paint behind it.
Can you say GROSS
I found a few cat toys, a plastic spoon, an aluminum pie tin, questionable food items and a dirty grimy floor which I though was bad until I looked at the sides of the range!!!!
Much cleaner now
So whats the dirtiest part of your house???
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I can certainly relate to that! People NEVER move their fridge & stove to clean behind them, as I've discovered while painting. I'm in the habit of doing it once a year so I can give everything a wipe down. Otherwise it gets supergross and you'll never want to do it.
I think the dirtiest part of my apartment is our floor. We hardly ever vacuum and I don't think we've mopped since moving in over 3 months ago.
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my living room right now..because its a kitten nursey..and well matter how much i clean it just doesnt stay that way.
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As of right now the dirtiest place is tied between our kitchen sink (it's FULL of dirty dishes) and the floor outside of Anya's litter box and the floor of the bathroom.

Silly little thing hopped in the tub with me this morning again, and while she was still sopping wet she decided to hop in her litter box. Needless to say the floor is caked with clumping kitty litter. The bathroom is bad too because right after she finished with her "business" she was right back up on the edge of the tub again. I cleaned Anya up but didn't have time to clean the floors before I left for work.

We have the strangest cat...
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The whole thing!

As some of you may know my boyfriend & I bought our first house recently... So we've been staying here for over a month but still don't have all of our stuff here! I got about 98% of mine tonight (FINALLY!) but Chad still has a ton at his place So we've been living amid boxes, boxes, and more boxes. Not to mention I went from a 700 sq ft apartment to a 1200 ft house!!! This place is huge!! I feel like I'm cleaning all the time and as soon as I get to one end I have to start at the other!!

* But I should add, it's worth it!
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I remember the last time we move our fridge and stove to clean under them, there must have been a couple of dozen catnip mice plus assorted other kitty toys - I wondered where they were stashing them! Usually the dirtiest place in the house is wherever a cat just threw up a fur ball!!! Yuck!!! And they like to eat cat grass (I grow it on the windowsill for them), so it's green! Bleah!!!

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Gail I know that my stove sides and under it must look like yours did. Its been a year since I pulled it out and cleaned under there. And I'm sure under the fridge runs a close 2nd. I just know all those little fuzzy toy mice that the cats lost are under there!
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on the drier..seriously. that's where Tiger and Miagi eat and instead of filling up their dishes where the cat food is (in the closet) I feed it over there and spill the food all over the place. Its not because they eat there..I just feed them there. and the basement. I say its dirty because mostly all basements are dirty to me anyways. oh and the bathroom!
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According to my current, and yes, (again!) soon to be ex boyfriend, (yes, again, because of the animals) the dirtiest area is everywhere! My house is clean, my animals are clean, it doesn't smell here at all (which I have been told my many people), and I even shaved all my cats to cut down on the hair, and was planning on shaving Rain too. He complains about the hair on his clothes and cats crawling into his lap to snuggle, and Rain kissing him. He is so outta here!
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the computer room, i just found the floor again a couple of weeks ago.
hmm, i think my house only has 3 rooms anyway.
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We keep our place pretty tidy (my mom cleans houses for a living and i'm super organized and clean) we usually keep it tidy, especially with my allergies and the amount of animals we have. At Colin's house though i'd say the dirtiest thing are the fans- i clean them pretty often now- it drove me crazy though for a while....but he's really clean for a guy aside from that .
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Only one spot? I would have to guess my dirtiest place is under the stove also.
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I can clean under my stove by pulling out the bottom drawer, and my fridge pulls out very easily. I pull my dryer out and clean back there, but I never move the washer, so I'd have to say behind and under the washer.

All my floors are ceramic tile so it's pretty easy to keep them clean. Except around the cat boxes where they insist on flinging themselves out and scattering litter. I vacuum at least twice a day around the boxes, especially in the husbands bathroom so it stays nice for him.
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I clean under my stove and fridge but right now my balcony is rather disgisting. Pigeon problem isn't even the word for it I will have to do a major scrub down soon. I have been so tired lately I havn't cleaned much
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My kitchen floor. i spill everyhting while cooking. That and around the girls' litter boxes. Yuck!
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The kitchen floor, definately. Its white tile, which I hate! It gets so dirty from the kitties and from us - its no fun at all, it shows EVERYTHING!
I have to sweep at least 2 times a day and do a good cleaning on my hands and knees once a week!
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Probably in between my stove and counter
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I think our dirties place is the hall where that leads to our back door. We usually let the dogs stay back there when they have muddy paws, and that's where our shoes go when we come in from being in the mud/rain. I'm so glad it's not carpeted.
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