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Lily is so cute

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I woke up at sometime this morning, and Lily came up to my head to say hello, and she was snuggly and mewing at me and looking under the blanket, so I put her under the blankets and she snuggled up to me for a while purring away.

Then she came out from under the blankets and snuggled up on my pillow next to my head with her face resting on my cheek. It was so cute She would occasionally give me little kitty kisses on the cheek as well. I have no idea how people can not like cats, honestly….

Of course as soon as it was daylight this morning, I put her on the bed and she ran away hiding, but at least I get some cuddles It’s so weird she becomes such a fraidy cat in the daylight!
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Isn't it wonderful when they snuggle up to you like that? Both of my boys sometimes compete to see who's going to be splatted up against mommy all night!
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It is wonderful, and a little breakthrough. Stumpy isn't a snuggly cat, so to have her starting to really enjoy snuggling is so nice, and a sign that her socializing is going well
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Isn't it the best? Anya has been doing that more lately, and often wants to be touching one of us in some way when she's in the bed with us. I've been waking up a lot with her next to my pillow and a paw or two resting on my head.
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Aww that's soo sweet!
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that is adorable
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That is so sweet I love that about cats, I want them all over me some people don't like that but I do. But Bella is really my only snuggler
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