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shower guy

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Scooter is the only bengal who doesn't throw a tantrum when I put him in the water! I've been using the hall bathroom since hubby sleeps during the day. The other day, I picked Scooter up, and got him wet with on his back end (tail, toes), and it didn't even phase him! He just looked around, calm as can be. Today, he got a full shower (no ears or face), and he was very good! The only time he meowed was when he wanted down, but other than that, no claw marks or anything. He smells nice, now.
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You are a brave soul! I would be scared to have a cat in the shower. My Fred fell in the tub with me once, and about peeled me with his claws.
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It's weird how some cats like water and others don't. Mine would have a fit if I did that!
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My bengal girl doesnt seem to have any dislike for water at all. The last few hot summer days, ive filled the bathtub up with about 2-3" of water, and dumped tons of ice cubes in the water. She loves chasing the ice cubes around through the water, and it keeps her nice and cool too!

Shes always been very cooperative during bathtime. As long as she has a few toys to chase around in the water, and the water doesnt get much over chest high as she is walking around through it, she doesnt mind at all.

Heres a pitiful 'after' picture of bathtime:

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The other day i was washing my hair over the side of the tub. Taja jumped right in! I was shocked! I know they like water but she does not usually want all the way in the tub. She did fall in one time when my kids were in the bath. She jumped right out to the side. She stood there looking at the water.
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