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Mikey is a med hair maincoon mix. He is very very neat and clean and Ive never given him a bath. He is two. I do spray a detangler/conditioner

and that makes him silky and smelling wonderful every now and then.

He gets terrible terrible hairballs and really coughs up something wicked. I bought a product thats supposed to taste like Malt and your supposed to feed it to him..yeah right mikey wants nothing to do with it. I started using Science Diet hairball canned food. But he still gets em.

anyone got any suggestions on a good way to cut down if not eliminate these yucky messes
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WET Food/// oh and a hariball food that is a bit gentler... like some with oats or veggie fibers in normal amounts
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so science diet is a bit harsh?
I think Iams makes a hairball food too.
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Put a glop of that hairball goop on your fingertip, open his mouth, and stick it on the back of his tongue.

My cats prefer the "fish" flavored goop. (Laxatone) They lick it off my finger. (Maybe they got tired of me sticking my finger down their throats)
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PJ loves her royal canin hairball, and I supplement that with fish oil in her wet food (Wellness). She had horrible hairballs a few weeks ago, and they have stopped completely!
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Ah the joys (not!) of hairballs. My kitty has had two episodes so far (in 2 months and only in the last two weeks), only on Mondays (when I volunteer at the cat adoption center and get home very late...hmmmm).

She loves Laxatone and licks it right up, and I also give her Temptations Hairball treats which she also loves. I give her a couple or three treats a day, and I am probably not doing the Laxatone enough.

I am just getting her into a new wet and dry food called Blue Spa Select which has a hairball formula (the Wellness just didn't seem to suit her finicky little self) and I purchased a can of the wet to see how it goes. The dry indoor formula has ingredients to help with hairballs as well. I hope it works!

She is a semi-longhaired cat and loves to be brushed - sometimes. I don't like cleaning up the hairballs (or stepping in them ) but it is worse to hear and see her yack one up. So far I haven't but that always freaks me out.
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I always freak out when I see mikey doing it. It just looks so painfull.
He prefers doing it on the carpet. everytime he does its always in our bedroom. One time i made it over to him in time and moved him into the kitchen...made for easy clean up but thats one out of about 10

Im going to give Laxatone a try.
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Be sure to give it on an empty stomach. Giving just before, with, or right after mealtime renders petrolatum-based hairball remedies less effective.
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This may be what others are suggesting......there is a paste for hairball treatment that comes in flavors which most cats will lick right off your finger...Petland or any pet supply store should carry,,,,goodluck!
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