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questions ???????????

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hi just a quick question, the kittens are 2 weeks old today all have there eyes open at times they are sticky and seem fused together bit like when a baby gets sticky eye i have been bathing them 3 times a day with sterile sodium chloride is there anything else i could or should be doing ?
also is it normal for them to sneeze ?
thanks in advance
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Hmm... a few sneezes here and there aren't a problem; but if they're sneezing all the time, I'd really suspect an upper respiratory infection. They aren't really a problem for grown cats; but when they're so young, they can be vulnerable.

I'd call your vet, tell him your observations, and find out if it makes sense to come in.

If the kittens are active, and seem fine otherwise, there shouldn't be too much cause for worry. But if they're listless or dehydrated, get them to the vet ASAP.
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i cant believe how active they are they are so playful with one another i only noticed the sneezing over the past few days and id just put in a plug in air freshner would they be sensitive to that? as for there eyes theyve been open for about 3 days but theyve all got scratches on there faces from nipple fights perhaps they have had there eyeballs scratched??????? shame they dont do scratch mits for kittens lol
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Are you just bathing their eyes or teh whole kitten? I wouldn't think the whole kitten needs to be washed at all, especially not 3 times a day. Mom should take care of all of that.

I think that I have one kitten with a scratch by his eye from those fights. Hopefully the eye itself isn't scratched. It does sound like they are developing a URI. I've used colloidal silver drops in the eyes to clear a URI, not sure at what point a vet will give you antibiotics but you could give them a call.

You could try taking out the air freshener and seeing if it helps. You never know.
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oh, the poor babies..........hopefully a vet will be able to lead you in the right direction with this!
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i only bathe there eyes not the whole kitten ive removed the plug in as suggested the sneezes werent constant just now and again but im not with them all the time ill call the vet just to be sure x
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well i just phoned the vet and she said it could be cat flu ??? or it could be that theyve just opened there eyes but she has told me not to touch the kittens at all not even to weigh them she said just to glance at them if i see green pus from there eyes or nose then to take them in she said cat flu is something that they dont get rid of it clears up and then keeps coming back and they cant be vaccinated if they have it
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Yah feline flu is the same as an upper respirtory infection (URI). I don't see the harm in holding them if you are washing your hands though... We keep a bottle of purell by the nest in case we decide to hold one. Especially to make sure they are doing ok and getting used to your smells.

They can clear up on their own but it won't usually go away completely without medication. Antibiotics are used to get rid of it but yours are probably to young.

Maybe someone has more info on this. I haven't had to deal with it except for once and the colloidal silver cleared it up.
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i wash my hands everytime and sanatise them with a hand gel that kills 99.9% of germs the vet made it sound as if they could die tommorrow and she hasnt seen them they are all active and are gaining weight they are so cute i sat in the room last night and all three came wadling over and sat there looking at me as to say what have you bought for us
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hi all the kitties eyes seem to be clearing up tabbitha s are still a little red but you can see where she has been scratched
on her right eye
miss smokeys eyes are fine and spotlina it only the one is slightly sore
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If their eyes don't clear up in a few days, take them to the vet and request some antibiotic eye ointment Should clear it right up. Good luck!
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