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I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into. I went to dinner this week with a couple of ladies I used to work with and one of them was talking about the female cat (1 1/2 yrs old) that she had but wanted to get rid of because suprise suprise it's declawed and having litter box problems!!!!!
I bit my tongue for awhile but I was afraid she would end up giving it to anyone who would take it even if they weren't suitable or the cat would end up in a kill shelter (although to be fair most of the ones around here are no kill).
soooooooo I told her if she really ever wanted to get rid of the cat I would take it and foster it for the shelter I got my cat from (this is something I wanted to start doing in the fall anyway - hubby's not crazy about the idea,something about knowing me and knowing that I will get attached and not want to give them up). but I digress, I won't keep her because she is a female and my female doesn't like other female cats.
So she calls me today and basically says when can I drop the cat off. First of all I am not prepared to take her in yet, I sort of only mentioned it in passing to my husband and our life is really stressful right now but what can I do? I'll have to take her and hope the shelter will let me foster her for them.
Sorry for the long post and rant! All I really need to know is what can I do to help this cat? What kind of litter should I get to make it easier on her paws? She will be in my basement which has AC, carpeting and a window. She will not be anywhere near my cat. I have a feeling she could be here awhile becuase the shelter is totally overwhelmed right now.
Is there anything else I can do to prevent her from going on the carpet? I really don't want to have to replace the carpet down there - although I really don't like it.
Thanks in advance for any advice!!
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Good on you for offering to take this little girl. If she is tested and comes up free of any diseases, as well as fleas and worms, it would be possible to introduce the two cats. Once desexed, male and female cats tend to smell and act in a similar way, so, as long as you do the introductions properly, the two cats might get along. Have a look at this article: http://www.thecatsite.com/Behavior/4...cing-Cats.html if you do want to introduce them.

To help her use the litter pan, use a newspaper or wheat based litter that is in pellets, rather than little stones. Alternatively, use a very fine litter, almost sand-like. Remember to keep a large distance between her food area and the litter pan. Don't forget to lay down a blanket, towel or cat bed for her to sleep on. Also, don't forget to give her some toys so that her mind stys active and she doesn't become bored.
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Nothing to say, but I'm glad you're helping her. Poor cat... she's probably got phantom pain on those amputated toes. Makes my fingers hurt just thinking about it.

Pet her for me, will you?
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Thanks Kumbulu for the litter advice. I'm going to call the shelter today to see if they have any foster homes available but I doubt it since there seems to have been a cat explosion in NE this year.
I spoke to the woman last night and told her I would also try to find a shelter that had room. One on my list is out because I found out it's a kill shelter.
It looks like she may be living with us for awhile, I'm really only worried about my cat. Abby seems very happy as an only child and I don't want to upset her or her routine (she was a street cat before animal control picked her up so her first year was kind of rough - now however she is the most spoiled cat in the world! ).
Now I just have to get my hubby on board. he loves cats but is not crazy about the thought that this one may pee on the rug.

Callista - Thank you, I will be giving her lots of cuddles!
What makes me mad is this woman sees no connection between the behavior and the declwing! I swear I spend half my life explaining how cruel declawing is. I worked for a vet and had to assist with a couple of declawings (you don't even WANT to know how he did it ). Those are images I will always carry with me.
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Bless you for being there for this poor cat - my heart breaks when I think of her being so betrayed by first being declawed, then being sent away
You might consider making a soft litter of laying mash & unscented clumping litter. Why people don't realize how brutal scented litter is to a cat's nose is beyond me
Also, the Feliway diffuser would be helpful (I've had great success with Feliway spray, the only product available in my area) to help soothe her.
As for Abby, she will pick up on your attitudes, so if you want to get her another sibling, then go for it. After all you are "Supreme Cat" in the group. I do agree that an opposite sex match might be easier, but AmyRose has grouped up with Andrea (a roadside rescue) even though she hated Cindy, and till Andrea came along, hung out with Andy, her sibling. And Cindy wanted to be an "only child" till I rescued Tommy-Scott; now they are the best of buds
Please let us know how your situation is progressing! I know first hand how difficult these situations can be, even to the most understanding of spouses - bless your husband for putting your needs first - he obviously appreciates the wonderful heart that his wife has And reassure him that you will be approaching the new cat's pee-problem armed with more knowledge, understanding and support (of TCS and of him) than the previous ignorant owner did. Please keep us updated! Susan
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Good for you taking in this kitty - I'm sorry that it's happening this way, but you're doing the right thing.
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I'm sorry for taking so long to post an update, work has been crazy this week.
I called my shelter and left a VM last week but didn't hear back from them so I called another local shelter (no kill) and they are full until at least the middle of next month. I did have a nice talk with the woman there and she also gave me some good ideas.
So I called the owner back and guess what?!? She is having second thoughts about keeping the cat. I think she is feeling guilty about doing what she did to the cat and now not wanting to deal with it. So I gave her all the advice about helping the cat use the litter box etc. She said she won't make a decision until at least the 15th of next month. I told her that if at ANY TIME she doesn't want the cat I will take it. I'm not sure if I'm happy or not that she's keeping it. She takes good care of her animals (vet etc) but I worry about how much love the cat is getting.
So, we'll talk next month and I'll see what she has decided.

Catsknowme, thank you! I do have the BEST husband in the world, he is very understanding and he loves animals (it was like wild kingdom at his house when he was growing up!).
When I was at my shelter this weekend to drop off some stuff I picked up a foster application. My husband doesn't quite understand my strong desire to foster but he's willing to go along for the ride!
There is a cat that's been there for 8 months that I've had my eye on. If I can just get hubby to go with me I know he'll be coming home with us!
Thank you all for the advice and kind words. I don't know what I'd do without TCS!
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What a wonderful update! How wonderful if the TCS advice helps the first lady to become a more understanding and LOVING owner....and you get to foster yet another cat - that's TWO cats being helped!!! Double the blessings What a great uplift for my morning!!!
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