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Last week I applied to college and today I got my first acceptance. I am really happy about that but it expires on September 1. One of the colleges I applied to said they dont send out acceptances until early fall. I am not sure about the other 3. I want to go to the one I got accepted into today, but it is not my first choice. My friend goes there (Humber) and she said she likes it but it is in such a bad part of Toronto. The other ones are in Ottawa (Algonquin), Niagara-on-the-lake (Niagara), and 2 more in Toronto (Seneca and Centennial). I don't know whether to just accept that offer just incase I don't get anymore.
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Can you accept it, then change your mind later if another college that you'd prefer accepts you? That way you don't lose your place if you wait and find out that the others didn't accept you.

That's what I'd do!
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It is quite okay to accept a college and not go. It is also okay to take your classes at two different colleges if the credits are interchangeable. Every college has different "weed out" classes. You din't want to suffer needlessly.
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Thats what I was thinking but then I don't know how long it is going to take for the other colleges to send out acceptances and then I will have to pay tuition and stuff. I don't want to pay $3000 to Humber and then end up going somewhere else. I don't know why they would put such a short expiry date on the acceptance when I just applied last week and haven't heard from any other colleges yet.
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I'd say accept. If one of the others that you prefer comes along, you can always let this one know you've had a change of plans.

ETA: the reason for the short deadline for reply is probably because they have only so many spaces and know they'll have to refuse some people they'd like to admit, simply because there aren't enough spaces for them. If they can get quick answers from people as they are admitted, then they can delay the inevitable a little. If you should change your plans, that just gives them back a space they will almost certainly have someone to fill. But if they don't require your confirmation, then they could be left with a bunch of spaces not filled and people they'd like to have accepted being turned down.

How soon do you have to part with $$$ ?
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Tuition and fees should be 100% refundable up until the week before classes start.
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I cant seem to find out anything about when tuition is due. I gave up looking for that and now I'm looking at apartments in toronto. Some are really expensive but others aren't so bad. Its just a matter of bringing Zebra. I will not leave my cat, she has to come. If my boyfriend moves with me then we will have Milo too.
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The cheaper the apartment, the more lenient the landlord is about cats. The downside of that is that it is usually in a more dangerous neighborhood, and you have to change locks on the doors b/c the landlord never change locks when they are supposed to.
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Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
I cant seem to find out anything about when tuition is due. I gave up looking for that and now I'm looking at apartments in toronto. Some are really expensive but others aren't so bad. Its just a matter of bringing Zebra. I will not leave my cat, she has to come. If my boyfriend moves with me then we will have Milo too.
I can see your difficulty in finding the tuition due date!! I've just spent a few minutes looking at Humber's website. There's lots of information. They make many references to what will happen if you don't pay by the published due dates. But I can't find anything that actually states the dates. Now, I'm looking rather quickly, mostly out of curiosity, and therefore perhaps not carefuly enough, but since I work in the field, I have a pretty good idea of how to look for these things. And I sure don't see it. You should go back to your acceptance letter, and make sure there isn't something in that which indicates where to find the information. And failing that, phone them. Ask them. One of the things I did notice is that (at least in some circumstances) they can withdraw the offer of admission if you don't pay on time. Don't get caught offside.

At any rate, while they may require payment well ahead of the beginning of classes, and while there may be a non-refundable portion (they'd have to identify that clearly), anything else should be refundable prior to the start of classes.
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Is there an offer-of-admission acceptance fee? It's usually about 100$. If so... I would wait until closer to Sept 1 to decide. You might get more letters by then, and you'll have a better idea.

You don't have to act on it now, you have 2 weeks before you even need to mail it in. Don't accept to a school you don't plan on attending. For one thing, it's taking up a spot someone else actually wants.

Most public schools here the due date for tuition is the start of classes. If you have not yet sent back your acceptance, nothing is due yet. When I transferred here, they waived all the deadlines because I didn't officially enter the university until after the deadlines (Still months before classes start).

If it's the University of Guelph Humber (I'm not sure I understand the difference), you have to pay your 200$ fee by 5 days ago, and full tuition is due by Sept 20th. That's what I'm talking about, the deadlines change based on when they sent out your letters, so you couldn't possibly have paid that by the 11th August.
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I searched the site quickly and that's what I found on refunds:

3.1 Refunds
A refund for a course or program will only be issued if a student applies in writing to the Office of the Registrar by the close of business on or before the tenth (10) school day after the start date of the course. A non-refundable withholding fee applies. Students who have paid for advanced semesters will be eligible for a refund for that semester if they formally withdraw before the start of classes.
from this document (page 17)

don't know if that's what you were looking for.
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Thanks everyone for looking. There isn't any fee to accept an offer but I had to pay $85 to apply. I don't actually have an acceptance letter because they just post it on the ontario colleges website and then you click confirm to confirm it. It says that you can change after you have already confirmed but you can only confirm one at a time. Wow that was the word confirm a lot.

I have no idea what the University of Guelph Humber is, but the one I got accepted to is Humber College in Toronto.

The way I will be paying is monthly because I have to work to afford the tuition, so its like $300 a month or so.
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