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What Color is your cat?

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I know this has been done before but it has been awhile, so what color is your cat?
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Pandora- black & white
Antigone- brown tiger/tabby
Ismene- brown tiger/tabby
Zeus- gray (with white undies!)
Demeter- gray & white
Medusa- black
Jinx- tortoiseshell (black and orange)
Eros- white with brown tabby patches (snow tabby)
Nike- gray tabby
Sapphire- orange tabby
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Zissou is a grey tabby with just a couple smidges of white.
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Phenom: White and grey tabby mixed with a little brown
Phantom:Gray and white
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Tortie, Brown tabby, B&W Tuxedo, B&W 'Cow', and two Seal points.
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Tuxedo! But she has white socks too so is she still a tuxedo?
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See my siggy . You forgot silver though technically I could put grey..
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Jazzy cat is orange/ginger DSH

Jakey boy is a long haired tabby (brown) and white

and Izzy is black and white DSH

Ozzy is calico (ok so Ozzy is really a guinea pig)
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Zebra is a silver tabby with orange spots. I don't know what that would be considered so I just put grey tabby. Milo is an orange/white tabby.
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Harley is a brown tabby/tiger

Davidson is a grey tabby

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Originally Posted by Jessy View Post
Tuxedo! But she has white socks too so is she still a tuxedo?
I think so. Mine has almost all white legs and I consider her a tuxedo.
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I vote black because 3 of them are totally black and one of them is tuxedo (almost black). I have a white/cream cat though.
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Ginger is an unusual 5-color tortie with spots of orange tabby markings. Her colors are: Black, Brown, Red, Cream and White. The white is under her chin and a little on her belly.
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1 All Black
1 Lynx point
1 Tortie Point
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Dilute torbie.
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8-Bit attempts to pass himself off as a Russian Blue (his cat mommy was really a tabby but don't tell him that). Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds is a shaggy black cat with silver tufts.
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Lukas is a blue point Siamese
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Chay is a chocolate lynx point

Billy is a lilac point
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Loki is all black, Jacob is a silvery blue-grey long hair Russian Blue.
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Sherman-black and white(my cow kitty)
Lily-part bengal, part?
Abby-"" "" "" "" "'

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Miagi is a grey tabby and Tiger is a tiger/brown tabby
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Bob-Brown and white tabby
Timmy-Orange mackeral tabby
Elessar-Brown and white tabby
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Kuce - calico Van pattern
Luvbug - black
Lil' Jag - black smoke
Sphinx (RB) - Russian blue/grey with a white locket.
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My sweet Sierra is red and white, and precious Serenity is a dilute tortie
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Isabella is a white odd-eyed Turkish Angora
Velvet is a gorgeous black dsh
Abilene is a brown tiger tabbie with a lot of white and buff spots
Jasmine is a Torti-point Siamese
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Monkey is Grey...but she has random orange spots on her...it's kinda funny
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Katie is solid black, Gracie is black/white, Peter is gray/white and Claire is solid white.
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Molly is lilac point (who may be turning blue) and Polly is a chocolate point (who may be turning seal).
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Spike is orange, with a white belly, white boots, and a white smudge across his nose. He also has a patch of darker fur on his side; when he was a kitten, I thought it was paint and tried to wash it off.

Oz falls somewhere between a grey and a brown tabby, with black stripes. He's hard to describe (the Humane Society had him listed as a brown tabby, our vet says he's grey, and I think he's black with brown and grey undertones), but has a beautiful coat and a very distinctive tabby mask.

I wish I had a digital camera so I could post pictures of my babies! They're so purdy!
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Buffy is black, Molly is black&white, and Willow is a dilute tortoiseshell
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