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I would definitely say no pork. Pigs are fed a diet that isn't that great usually and they contract things easier than many other animals. I know their meat contains something that is killed while cooking, but unlike other meats, this is commonly found in their meat (sorry I can't be more specific!). Thats why I don't eat pork personally, they are a scavengers, I only eat herbivores.

Minced, chunked beef is fine. Chicken is fine. Lamb is fine. I don't feed turkey anymore because of its high inflammatory value and one cat is mildly allergic. But many people do feed turkey in their raw diets. Chicken and beef have pretty low inflamatory values.
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I use this with my cats:
Your body creates both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory chemicals, called "prostaglandins" from nutrients in the food that you eat. Imbalances in your diet can lead to the creation of excessive amounts of inflammatory prostaglandins, which fuel your body's inflammatory response. Conversely, the consumption of certain nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, allows your body to produce more anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, which it uses to reduce inflammation.

Modern nutrition experts, including Andrew Weil, Nicholas Perricone, and Barry Sears, have written many books about diet's link to inflammation, and have promoted the increased consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other nutrients that help control or reduce inflammation. Until now, however, the recommendations regarding anti-inflammation diets have been limited to relatively small group of foods. That limitation has been lifted with the introduction of the IF (Inflammation Factor) Rating™.
Maybe I should use it for myself . Its so much easier to monitor my cats diet than my own. Anyway the IF rating on turkey is really high. Chicken is neutral and salmon is a major anti-inflammatory. This is particularly important if there are any health problems. It can also promote weight gain and fluid storage. I learned this with Autumn as her body was so swollen and it took some diet changes to alleviate the inflamation (which appeared as a bit of water retention).
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I defo need soemthing that wont put weight on, as I am trying to keep Gingers weight down. It is good to know I can give him raw chicken though, and I Was confused by the different kinds of beef - woudl stewing steak be fine?? I am thinking of things that are already chopped up for me, as I hate handling meat, but seeing my 15 year old toothless boy enjoy it so much means I will do it for him. I am going to try him on heart, liver and kidney when I get paid, as they come in chunks and also small, cheap portions, so not a big deal if no one will eat them. And am I OK putting it in freezer bags, pulling out a few chunks in the morning, defrosting it and giving it to him for his supper? he gets complete cat food, so a couple of chunks wont be a prob.
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Stewing steak, hamburger, I was told any of this is fine. I usually go for what is cheaper. I got skillet steak because it was so easy for me to cut. The stewing steak bits are a bit large, but when I cut the steak it is probably a bit large anyway.

Just be careful with quantity on the heart and liver. Go by recipes and if you see diarreah then you know it was a little to much to quick.

Putting it in bags is fine. I'd pull it out and put it in the fridge and let it defrost in the fridge for 24 hours and then it should be ready to feed. But if its not that much...then maybe it will be ready by the evening, I really don't know?
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Hamburger would be good. I Was hoping to go for something cheap, as it is just a treat for him, not the main part of his diet. I prob wont go for the stewing steak then - I have to have it in small chunks as Ginger has no teeth, so gives up if things are too large and hard for him to chew (but he has a good try, and leaves half chewed bits of meat on the kitchen floor for me!!). Will see if i can get a couple of recipes, but I was anticipating giving him 2 or 3 chunks for his supper, he will get 2 meals of complete cat food as well. Mind you, he may not like them yet!! So I defrost meat in the fridge? I actually defrost fish in the (cold, off) oven!! I do have a special tray for the fish that supposedly defrosts quicker. WAs hoping to pull it out in the morning - it worked with the mince, as it was a small portion. Fingers crossed Ginger loves this - a bit with every meal will be too much, wont it?
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Hamburger might be really good for your cat with no teeth. For a cat with teeth the chunks are better so they exercize their gums chewing it. I don't defrost with heat as this does do a small amount of cooking and when I do raw I do it all the way. Also some of my raw meat has ground bone in it which is dangerous when exposed to heat. I guess there is no harm in defrosting beef in an oven since it has no bone. I can't recommend anything for supplementing beef with regular food. If feeding as a treat then it should remain in treat portions (I cant' remember the percentage). I think its something like no more than 10% treats but I can't remember exactly. The only reason why you don't want to do to much is beef alone has no calcium in it. If you do a whole raw diet then you would find a calcium source. But for you the regular diet is the calcium source so you don't want to offset it so much they won't eat the same. A couple pieces does not sound bad to me but you will have to see with your cats.
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Here is the order of meat heat

salmon- cool
beef- cool/warm
chicken -warm
turkey-very warm
lamb -hot

This is according to the accupucture chart ... heating will rise all of them up one
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Can you explain that a little further sharky? I don't completely understand what you mean..raise what up one?
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If you cook them they go up one to three notches in heat...

say salmon if you were to microwave it ... salmon would go from cool to warm
chicken goes from warm to very warm

Turkey is debateable as the two charts I have seen one says very warm the other very cool.The accupucturist said it could be one chart was dark meat and one was white .. I personally think of it as chn as that is the inflamatory responce seen with my three, but the chicken used is white meat and the turkey is dark...
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