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Outdoor cat

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Hey everyone,my gramps unfortunatly has gotten to the point where he has to be put into a home, and he has a couple cats that my family is gonna take. Although one is an outdoor cat, sorta a stray cat that lives with him, he will leave for hours at a time but always come back. Anyway, the area that i live is not a suitable place for an outdoor cat so my question is can an outdoor cat easily adapt to being an indoor cat? Or would it be better to give it a better home where it can remain an outdoor cat? thx in advance

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I would try it out for a bit and see. Most cats can make the transition but some have a much harder time doing it. That is good that you recognize that you don't live in the best area for an outdoor cat. Sometimes the cat may just be happier outside and as long as it is spayed or neutered and vaccinated then that can be fine.

Ideally it would be best for him to come inside. So at least try it out.
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Another option would be to ask one of your Grandpa's neighbors if they could take over the care of the outside kitty. That way he could stay in his current area.

If he moves in with you, just be very careful to keep him inside.

I'm sorry your Grandpa is having trouble. I'm sure it is a big comfort to him to know the cats are properly cared for!
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It's usually possible to turn a stray outdoors cat into an indoors only cat, but it does take time and knowhow. For starters, the cat MUST be spayed/neutered. Next, it needs to be provided with an appropriate indoors environment (same as any indoors only cat).

There's some good advice here about handling feral cats indoors -
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Originally Posted by Anne View Post
Next, it needs to be provided with an appropriate indoors environment.
Seconding the three precedessors in every word they said, I want to underline this.


Many times it is surprisingly easy to get a homeless stray as indoor only cat. How come? Easy: they know all the horrors of the outside. Outside isnt freedom for them but fighting for survival. Therefore they are very content to live as indoors pet - and becomes often with time great family pet cats.

But Grandpas "stray" cat had the best of both worlds: all the freedom of the outside and security of a good home.

He will not be happy by simply becoming indoor cat. It can probably be done - but probably not at all automatic by itself.

You must work on it. And you must give him good arguments to convice him indoors is a perfect nice alternative to free joyous roaming outside.

A lot of playthings of course. And:

.f,ex: make a lot of climbing possibilities for him. So he can get up to shelves. It isnt that difficult; some planks here and there... (dont forget to fasten the shelves securely to the walls!)

Make him work to find his food; have food or in any case treats, hidden some! So he must seek and find.
Or make something so him must work some to get the food out. feks simply some dry food in a cardboard box with only a small opening. He must stick in his paws and take them out...
Do you have a balcony? Very popular. Set net-cage around, it will be very good.

Very good if there is another friendly cat to wrestle with, chase with, cuddle and sleep with, and wash. So you dont need to play with him yourselves so much...

Good luck!
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