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Topaz Threw Up - Guess Who Slipped and Fell

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Ouch!! Yes, I knew it was there and was turning to get a paper towel and ... WHAM! Landed on my right side/arm including the shin/knee that was operated on back in May.

Did I say 'OUCH!!!!!!!!" ? Actually I said a few more things. If it wasn't for the plastic garden bench/kneeler we keep in the house I'd probably still be on the floor.

Have taken a couple of Aleve, but there will be major competition for it between the cramps and the soreness that will be developing. I am dreading how my back will be feeling in a while (especially tomorrow morning).
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Oh how terrible for you!!!! You've been through enough and I really hope you'll be ok after this fall! Please let us know!
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Ouch!! I hope you don't get too sore!!
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Thank you!

Forgot to mention the fun feeling of laying in cat puke.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Thank you!

Forgot to mention the fun feeling of laying in cat puke. sorry for the laughts dear Jannie!! ...but the Cake quote is soo good! ...

Obey to mommie topaz!....................
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Topaz just wanted to give meowmy a nice gift! I hope you heal well. I have never tripped in cat puke, but dog puke, yes. I know the feeling of laying in it. *shudders*
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oye vey _ I can relate - did that a few times. One time I landed on my coxic (sp?) bone, now that hurt for months.

Take a hot bath to relax the muscles and make sure you take some aleve before you go to bed - that should help you through the night ..

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!!!!
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Jan!!!, what are you like

I bet Topaz got a fright as well
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Ouchy, its one thing to fall, but to fall into THAT.... I'm sorry!!
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Ewwww. Really I hope you don't get too stiff, sleep with a pillow under your knees to help with lower back pain. You might want to ice your knee too.
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yeesh i have done that a few times myself. only i usually have no idea its there tili hit the ground.
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A nice hot bath will help with the aches (not to mention cleaning off the...........well, you know).
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I feel for you. I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Didn't even see the puke and was rushing down my hallway and bam! I landed on my knees which hurt like crazy. Within 30min. I had 2 huge bruises. Remember when it didn't hurt to fall and you would just hop right back up. I sure long for those days!!
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Jan, every muscle twinged in sympathy. I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling ok. I thought I started the morning out badly when I had to get Lucy on the hardwood so she wouldn't upchuck on the carpet. My puke incident isn't 1/100th as bad as yours.
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The aching has been working its way up and through all parts of the anatomy - even my scalp hurt at one time. Good thing I just got a new bottle of Aleve (mainly for the cramps) but I have one prescription pain pill left from after the accident and may take that to start off the night. (I'll miss those pain pills... )

Susan, Topaz was napping when I fell. Ari came running, but he wasn't much help.

CathyC - I was never very agile to begin with, but I remember those days when it took less effort to get up!
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Jan sending lots of good vibes! Hope they help keep the pains and aches away!
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bless your heart! i'm sorry to hear about your fall. I hope your leg feels better soon...if not, i'd get it checked out by a doc to make sure you didn't do any damaged to the operated knee. Feel better
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Hope you feel better soon darling!

*feeds you a bucket load of chocolate *

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Good morning. I'm not as stiff and sore as I expected but parts of me do ache. I have a big bruise on my upper right arm so far. (I might have hit the door frame on the way down. ) Haven't checked my shin yet.

Thank you all for your hugs, chocolate, and vibes. They seem to be helping. (That and the Aleve. )
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