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Does anyone else have a significant other that snores? My boyfriend snores and it is driving me crazy. I don't know what to do about it, but its keeping me awake too much. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to fall asleep?
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Yes Lee snores sometimes. When he sleeps on his back its the worst. I normally wake him up and say "Babe You are snoring" (Yes he hates it but oh well)
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If I wake my boyfriend up and tell him he's snoring he gets mad. Last night I could hear him from this room (3 rooms away) and when I went to bed I woke him up getting into the bed and he was like I was not snoring and got really mad.
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Well, my dog snores, does that count I guess I've learned to ignore it though, never wakes me up anymore
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Both of us snore ... heck, even my cats snore! For the most part I've just learned to sleep through it, but sometimes when one of us is particularly bad the other one will jolt the bed a bit to partially wake the snorer up -- that usually puts an end to the snoring. It used to be worse at our old house, which was dustier and generally messier than where we live now (our old roommates were not the tidiest of people), so I'm certain in our case it was allergy-related.

Severe snoring can be a sign of health problems. I know it can be like pulling teeth to get men to see a doctor, but you might suggest your boyfriend get it checked out, just in case. (And if he's snoring and stopping suddenly, followed by a sudden snort or a burst of gasping, he should definitely get that checked out -- that could be sleep apnea.)

My future father-in-law snores fit to shake the house. The only thing my FMIL has been able to do about it has been to sleep in a different room when he's really bad. He's had his snoring checked out and it turns out he's just really loud, so medically there's nothing to be done about it. Fortunately, with both my boyfriend and his sister having moved out of the house, there are plenty of bedrooms for my FMIL to crash in!
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DH says I snore, but I've never heard anything. The nasal strips that they sell seem to help me (Breathrite) Ihave also seen something called stopsnore at wal-mart. Good luck
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I'm single, but I used to date men that snored. I broke up with them, now I sleep like a baby!
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My husband snores and one night I woke up and he had stopped breathing and I pushed him and he was okay but the next day he made an appointment with a sleep clinic and they said he stopped breathing something like 30 times an hour so he has sleep apnea and wears a c-pap mask to bed now! It can be very serious!
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Jeremy works nights, so I really have no clue.
My dog takes up the slack though, he can out snore the best of them.
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Chad snores sometimes depending on how he's laying. He's such a deep sleeper that I will just push & shove until he finally rolls over and then he'll quit.

One time- way back when I was still living at home with my parents- he stayed the night & I couldn't get him to stop for the life of me... so when he woke up in the morning he had a BreathRight Nasal strip on his nose! His confusion was priceless!
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Snore....oh my....Pete and Izzy could snore for Wales

Hubby is terrible, I just have to wake him up or I would never get any sleep. He is very good tho' he always shifts into the spare room, the only problem is that Izzy just carries on
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My niece is the worst snorer I have ever is awful!! When she visits me she always sleeps with me and I barely get any sleep. Her husband told me he has to go to bed at least an hour before her and pray the snoring doesn't wake him up or that's it for sleep that night. I know she has sleep apnea and she promised she would mention it to her doctor when she sees him next week.
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My husband snores when he's sleeping on his back. Usually if I turn his head to the side it stops, and that only sometimes wakes him up.
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Neil snores when he is really tired and of course when he is on his back. I will usually touch his check...gently lots of times he says to cut it out (he never remembers saying that) or if I'm lucky he will turn on his side. If its really bad I got to the other bedroom!!
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