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Does anyone know why cats like to lie or sit on paper? I've seen cats make beelines to newspapers, open books, even strips of masking tape on the floor and promptly lie right down on them. This happens whether or not anyone is reading the material, so i'm thinking it's not about seeking attention. It seems to be a compulsion is many cats i've met, so i'm very curious to know what is going on in those little furry heads!

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My Dad always thought they liked the way it felt on their backside

I think they know that these things are important to us in some manner, so even though we aren't looking at it NOW, we will look at it at some point. And of course, if they are there, we'll just have to pet them!
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My oldest kitty Baby just loves to sit on ANY paper on the floor - Why? Don't know!
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All 4 of mine do that. Haven't a clue as to why!
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My kitty seems to like lying on smooth, cool surfaces - like the coffee table or computer desk, or in the bathtub. I have always thought the paper thing was a combination of liking the smooth surfaces and a cat's desire to be the center of attention (because if a kitty is asleep on your book, it's not the book you pay attention to!)
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"The Cat Ate My Homework!" would seem to be the appropriate excuse! Our kitties, as it turns out, love to sleep on paper. I noticed Lazlo lounging on our stuff for work, and he hasn't been sleeping in his bed. After reading this thread, I put several sheets of plain paper down where we want him to sleep, and I took the pillow out of his bed and put paper in. It worked like a charm - he loves it! ...But when Shelly attacks, the edges of the paper wrinkle and curl and how much fun is that to chew on?????
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