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Crazy Kitty

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I have two kittens, one 4 months (Tyran), and one 8 months (Miki). Well normally every morning, Miki will jump up on the bed and meow and rub against me till I get up and feed her and Tyran. Well this morning it was all pretty normall. Miki meowed her little heart out and I got up and gave them some food. They ate, but Miki kept coming to me, meowing at me. She'd jump in my lap several times and once this morning, when I didn't respond to her meowing, she jumped on my back while I sat at the computer. Man, does that hurt, and she clung to my shirt and skin for a good 3 seconds. She's been overly affectionate the past two days. Right now, she's laying in the windowsill, and Tyran is sleeping on the cat tree just above her. I know kittens are supposed to be affectionate, but Miki has a wierd way of being affectionate. One moment, she's rubbing and purring and the next, she bops you in the face with a paw. She has been known to attack you in the middle of the night for no reason and she thinks fingers are playthings.
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kitens do have a tendancy to be over affecionate at times. The reasons she "bops" you in the face whilst you stroke her is probably because she wants you to play (same as fingers) at the moment she sees everything as a potential toy and you need to establish that fingers and hands play on your terms and stop when she gets over zellous and bits/scratches too hard. I would probably recommend playing with her a few times during the day but do it when you want(not when she wants) that way she will learn that you are boss and she will also become more independant and learn to play on her own when you are busy!! hope this helps.
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