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new cats moving in

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My daughter is going to be moving in with her 2 cats...female age 6 and male age 2...both spayed. I have a 17 year old female cat. What is the best way to introduce them?
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i would say that the best way to do it would be to introduce 1 at a time in a neutral area. Your cat will feel threatend by 2 new cats on her/his territory so choose a place she doesnt really go(bathroom etc) do it slowly and quietly dont tell them off for growling/spitting you want to make it fun for them so get some treats they both like and feed them constantly whislt they are there(stay with at all times) once they have got used to each othet move to another room and do the same as long as they are happy let them roam the house they will soon figure out whos boss then it should calm down and they will be snuggling together in no time ...
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Hi, I know others here will disagree with me, but having lived through it soo many times, I have to say that I think your best bet is figuring out how to separate them ... for good, not just for intro. time. The younger cats will inevitably (the male esp.) start going after the older cat to assert domination (it's what they do, every darn time, eventually) and she won't be able to defend herself once he's grown, but there's no way to 'change his mind' as it's a very hard wired 'instinct'. If there's any way, starting right now, to get your cat used to spending time in whatever room you feel is appropriate (with her own box, water, feeding station, and pillows) and make a point of playing with her there, plus keeping the door closed for extended times, she may adapt very quickly. When the new cats are settled in, and the regular intro. procedures for all are done with you being there to supervise (every time), make sure she knows where her safe place is (and of course don't let the male in there if she's around). In other words, she shouldn't be alone with him as she gets older, because I'm afraid the male will go after her and at best make her miserable, at worst real damage could be done, even if the behaviour doesn't start for some time, even a year or so.
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not all male cats will try to assert dominance and beat her up it alil depends on the individual cat. My big male cats have always been sweet and gentle yet my female calico is a nasty witch and slaps everyone else sillly when they get in her way
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