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Please Help...cat not eating

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My Smokey, a blue russian I believe, is a 5 year old male that I took in as a stray about 9 months ago. He has always eaten well: dry science diet food (sensitive stomach formula) with a little bit moist food and gravy. But now he hasn't eaten in two days and I am very worried. He has also been sleeping in the bathroom which he has never done before. Any thoughts?
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Please get your cat to the vet. Not eating for more than two days can lead to some serious health problems in a cat.
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Yes, and he's off hiding. Not good.

I hope the vet can diagnose and treat the little guy easily. Hugs to you both...
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Has your kitty been tested for leukemia? Not trying to scare you, but I take in FeLV+ kitties and the behavior you are describing is the behavior of a leakemia kitty when the disease has kicked in, please get to a vet ASAP!
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thanks guys
I was planning to take him to the vet in the next day or so if things don't get better. A friend said he may just have a bad hairball and another suggested maybe just some sort of cat flu...is there such a thing? Anyways, I have the day off tomorrow, so I will take him then...unless y'all think I need to go NOW?
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I would go now
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I 2nd that .... you need to go now ....... please keep us update .......
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Thanks all.

FYI, $300 later and the blood tests were inconclusive. He had a fever and was dehydrated so they kept him overnight and got him on antibiotics and some water and then sent him home. He seems much better.

never thought I would cry over a cat
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That's great to hear that he is doing better. Sending lots of get well vibes
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I'm glad he's doing better!!
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Glad to hear this seemed to only be a fever. My cat had similar problems but she was badly constipated. An enema did the trick! But she had not eaten much in three days...it's a good thing I didn't wait any longer to get her treated by a vet.
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