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is it okay to leave a cat while going on holidays

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I am going on holidays for 2 weeks and i am leaving a friend to look after her. he will call over each evening to make sure she is okay. i'm out at work all day so she is on her own until we come home each evening, and she is always fine. i have gone away before for a week and had somebody look in on her and she was fine. the concern I have is that i never went away for this long and was wondering if she will be okay. do they get very lonely???
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Generally she will probably be fine. That is great you are having someone come look after her each evening when you are usually home but can you guarentee that this person will do it every day?

I have my sister watch my 5 (at the time) cats when I went to CA for 10 days she was to come every other day, when I came home I found out she only came once. Only difference is that I had enough cats where if I wasn't there they have plenty of things to do with each other and lots of toys. Do you just have one cat? I would be worried she would get bored and lonely. But I guess if she is alone all day anyhow it should be fine. Just make sure the person actually comes. And at least every other day spends some time playing with her and everything.

Have you thought about boarding her?
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yeah i trust him he will definitely call each evening. he has promised me. I have just the one cat. I thought about boarding her, but I think that it will probably stress the life out of her. She is an indoor cat and probably would have a heart attack if she saw another cat! I usually leave out all her toys and let her look out the windows to keep her entertained. Thanks for replying it will put my mind at rest a bit!!
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and welcome to TCS
If you have already done this before, which you do mention, then your cat should be used to this. I know its a worry, I leave mine alone and friends come to feed, do the lit-box, water etc, so I know all the important things are catered for. But its still makes me worry and when I am away they do come into my thoughts alot. If you are worried about her getting lonely maybe you could ask your friend (or a 2nd friend to also come) to hang about a bit longer, wait while she finishes her food, then he can wash the bowl, play with her and her toys, this will all take time and she will enjoy the company and the fun.
Well good luck
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thanks all!!! you have put my mind at rest. cheers!!
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I cat-sat three cats for three weeks while their owners were away in Africa. They were fine.

The key is: your friend should play with the cat and pet her, not just feed her and change her box.

If he does this at a regular time, and does it every day, she should be just fine.
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As long as you have someone that is reliable and will check on her at least once a day (feed, water, scoop pan) then she will be fine.

You might want to tell your friend if he/she can spend an extra 10-15 mins of playing with the cat a few times during the week.

For the most part, the cat will be fine - they will sleep almost all the time anyway
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If you fear she may get lonely, try leaving music on for her.
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Hey, welcome to TCS

I have one cat and I left her home alone for 2 weeks last summer. She was used to being home alone during the day, but I still had someone in twice a day to check on her, feed her, change her water, scoop her litter tray etc. The lady works at a cat shelter so at least I knew that she knew what she was doing. I think Villy was ok, she was very pleased to see me when I came home though.

I think I may have missed her more than she missed me
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If she gets the care needed by your friend she should be okay.
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