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coat length?

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how do you know if the babies will be long or short coated? by what age? One of mine, the runt, seems to have thin, short hair, the rest have longish hair, and feel like rabbits fur compared to the runts feel of coarse hair.
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Most mixed breed kittens will have different fur types and lengths due to the unknown backgrounds.

Usually the ones that turn out longer hair will have more spiky fur and a little thicker then the shorthair ones, but sometimes you have to wait till they are about 6 months old to be sure.
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My tabby kids were sorta hard to tell because they were very fluffy as kittens. I'm at work or I'd post a pic.. Suzie was more fluffy then cookie, but she ended up with shorter, smoother hair than him.. THe pic in my sig was when she was still a older kitten, she looks sorta fluffy in the face, but now she doesn't look like that. Cookie had short orange hair, sorta course feeling. Now he has the longest hair of any of my kids... I would stop just short of calling him a medium hair, but his underside is pretty fluffy. He is a year now and hubby just said that he thinks cookies fur has gotten silkier.
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