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weaning time?

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when is a good time to wean? i have been trying the babies to eat, but they wont budge,lol. Mom has decided she wont sit still for them to nurse anymore ( they will be 5 weeks friday). i have tried the KMR 2nd stage mixed with babyfood, pure babyfood, soaked kibble too. anything i should try?
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I usually start with infant rice cereal, canned food with a little warm water or kmr.

I put some on their noses the first day, let them lick it off, and let them watch mom eat the rest the first day. The next day I'll spend more time encouraging them to eat, but you can't force them, so its up to them how quickly they pick it up and develop an appetite for it. I think by letting mom clean up the plate the kittens learn more the first few days anyway. Some dive right in, but most take a few days. My kittens are now 5 weeks and 2 days old and are already eating canned food and hard kibble, which I haven't seen too often this young.
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Thanks you answered my question too. I will try the wet on their noses because they are 4 weeks old almost and she is not letting them nurse the way she did before and she is just NOT having it.
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