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The Daily Thread Wed 8/16/06

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Happy Hump Day!
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Good Morning Everyone!!!

Today is going to be a great day! I can just feel it. It is absolutely GLORIOUS outside. Bright and sunny, cool & breezy. I had a heart to heart with my hubby last night, and it went really well.... we have agreed to invest a little more time into "us". I think this is exactly what I've been needing.

I hope everyone has a great day!!!
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I hope today will be a good day. I am having a nice break at work since it is slow. THey are sending people home left and right. I don't see any need to go home since I am beeing paid to site here
Anyway later I have to take my Dog to the vet. He had an ear infection and he has a follow up visit.
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It is a beautiful day in Northern NY-cool/sunny/breezy-perfect for outdoor stuff-off to mow the lawn,weedwhack , check on my Monarchs & let Lukas hang on the porch
Have a great day wherever you are in the world !
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Good morning!

Less than a week until I'm on vacation for 2 weeks (as in, from Tuesday to Tuesday).

but until then, I have a lot of work to do. I broke it down into tasks to do for each day. Today, I need to finish my history paper (it's almost done, just need to have one last check for typos and small mistakes), prepare my answers for my oral exam in Spanish (that shouldn't take very long) and answer one of the essay questions for my history exam. If time permits, I'll also update my resume.

However, I have decided not to go to school today. My bike should be ready (it was supposed to be ready on Saturday but the bike shop keeps telling me to come back later ) so I'll go for a bike ride. I'll probably do 30 minutes biking - 30 minutes studying - 30 minutes biking - .... until I finish my 25 km loop. Hopefully that will work out well.
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Good morning all!

It's a beautiful day here today!

I'm at work right now but it's pretty slow (strange when the weather is this good!)

Have a great hump day everyone
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Nice and sunny here too!!
Had an appt this am to mark a clients yard for tree placement. Those will be planted in the next couple of weeks. Then DH calls to let me know I lost a job!!
I will see of that lady calls to tell me as her neighbor works with DH. I knew thta it was going to be a challenge for that one anyway. Oh well can't get them all!!
Washed the kitchen walls and will start painting later this morning.
Have a good day!!!
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I am slowly checking things off of my work to do list. Its just a bunch of paperwork that I really don't want to do. Its just so boring and monotonous! Yuck!

Hope everyone has a great Hump Day!
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Ack, my allergies have kicking my behind lately, might have something to do with 10 cats and 2 dogs in a closed up house considering I'm allergic to both only mildly thank goodness, but woke up yesterday with a monster headache so I took a vacation day and slept in till 10 when my Mom called me to see where I was (I work with her) watched Price is Right took Vino to get groomed, took a nap mowed the lawn and watched 3 hrs of Law & Order, amazingly all episodes I had never seen!! Today its back to work but tonight is the finale of So You Think You Can Dance really need to make a few phone calls tonight too, I'm so bad about phone calls
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Read for yourself...
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