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Getting ear cleaner out of fur

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I brought my kitten Eve in to the vets yesterday. She was treated for ear mites last week (Ivermectin) but was still scratching and had also developed a URI. The vet cleaned her ears out with a liquid cleaner and swabs, and OMG was there a lot of mite crud in her ears! Her right ear was really sore and actually started bleeding a little. Poor kitten.

So she still has a lot of ear cleaner in the fur around her head. It's pretty oily and I think she'd feel better if she felt clean, you know? What could I use to safely get this stuff out of her fur?

This pic was taken not long after we got home. She doesn't look this bad anymore, but her fur is still greasy and spikey.
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I used a paper towel to absorb the overflow, then a warm washcloth to wipe up the greasy stuff. She'll probably feel better once the earmites are gone since they are such pesky little things. If she's not been spayed yet, you might consider having her ears flushed and thoroughly cleaned out when they have her konked out to do the spay. I had to do that with my Hannah and it made a world of difference!

Stephanie, who thinks your kitty is a cutie!
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i would probavly advise just brushing it out aftr you have dampened it a little. Appart from that there is not a great deal you can do about it. As long as she seems happy and its not getting matted than just leave her to clean it herself.
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In the grooming shop "ear med oil" is a fairly common problem, and it is very difficult to completely remove. There are a couple ways that work, but both require bathing the cat afterwards, and washing the head of a cat can be a fairly tricky operation unless the cat is very tolerant of the process.

The easiest is to pack the area with cornstarch, which will absorb the oil, let it set for s few minutes, then brush it out. We keep cornstarch in a shaker can to make application easier. If it is a white cat you could probably get by with just brushing it out and not bathing afterwards.
Second is using GOOP on a dry coat, rinsing it out, then bathing.

If it was me I'd probably give it a day or two to absorb and then re-evaluate the situation. It would have to be pretty bad for me to bathe over it .
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Thanks for the suggestions!

I might try using a little cornstarch, but just in the worst spots. I do not want to bathe her. She'd kill me. Between twice a day ear meds and twice a day oral antibiotics she's about had enough.

Stephanie, she's already been spayed. The local shelter does pediatric speuters before adoptions.

Thankfully my other kitten, Lily, is perfectly healthy. She has to get meds to prevent her from getting ear mites, but only once a day. She just looks at me like "What's wrong with you? She's the sick one!"
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