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Urine Spraying is Out of Control

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I have read numerous articles and followed advice on curing one of my female cats from spraying my bed or the couch. Badone and greybaby live in my one bedroom apartment amicably most of the time, although greybaby has taken over as the dominant cat in the new apartment. When I go out of town Badone sprays my bed or the couch if I have shut the bedroom door. I bought urine-off, a blacklight for urine detection, and feliway spray. I've placed a food bowl on the bed and she sprayed near the bowl. NOTHING has stopped Badone from her bad behavior. She doesn't have a urine infection because she sprays sporadically, basically when she's angry with me for going out of town for more than two days at a time. She has been allowed outdoors as well as indoors and she and greybaby were spayed when they were kittens. I bought an expensive tempurpedic mattress cover and placed it on my bed. My back was turned for five minutes and she sprayed it so hard there was standing urine on the cover. I may have to throw out the mattress pad or take it to the dry cleaners. Badone can be so loving and affectionate, I would hate to give her up, but the spraying must stop! The last time I went out of town for a week she sprayed and soiled my bed (picture a cat box made out of a queen-sized bed), and she did it within a span of two days. When I lock her out of the bedroom she sprays the couch or blankets on the couch, but always the same spot. Again, I have doused my sheets, mattress, mattress pad, blankets, and couch cusions with urine-off and feliway spray, and she is not deterred. I am thinking of boarding her when I go out of town or making her an outdoor cat predominately. Please help me with suggestions! Thanks!
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Hi, welcome to TCS! You must be feeling so frustrated. I'm very glad you've come to us and really hope we can be of assistance. Perhaps you will find this thread to be helpful. It contains a great deal of information on the subject.
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You mention that the cat sprays when she is 'angry with you for going away for more than two days.'
Do you have a cat-sitter come and play with her while you are away?

I cat-sat for three cats while their owners were in Africa for three weeks. We had one 'accident' on a carpet during that time, but no other problems since the cats got twice-daily love and play sessions from me, and regular contact with other people for litterbox and feeding.

If you take a lot of out of town trips, you should arrange to have a regulat cat-sitter play with your cat. If this is not possible you might want to find her a home where she can have regular attention.
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I went out of town three times this summer because I finally had a job where I would be compensated during days off. I have not been out of town for more than a weekend in three years. My best friend checks on the cats and spends time with them when I go out of town. Maybe they need someone to come everyday rather than every other day or three times a week. I also work nights at my job three days a week so they are alone at night. Again, badone started this behavior a year ago when I was home all the time and did not work all night long. Thanks for the hypothesis, but I think there might be something else wrong.
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Possibly you are right about a health problem but even if you do take the cat to the vet it is a good idea to have a friend check on her every day when you are away. I visited the Upstairs Kitties twice daily and played with them and gave them treats each time.
Now they expect treats every time I visit!

good luck with the cat.
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