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update on kids in hot car

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The charges against the woman in Michigan, who left her kids in the car, for three hours have been reduced to involuntary manslaughter.

In a written statement to police, she claimed that she was "too stupid" to know that the children could die. Her lawyer argued that she is "too stupid and ignorant" to form the intent to kill the children. The judge concurred and ordered that the charges be reduced from felony murder.

I will agree, that she is stupid. She left a baby and a toddler, unsupervised, in a car, while she GOT HER HAIR DONE. This was "felony stupid". If she could afford such and elaborate hairdo, that it took three hours surely, she could have afforded a babysitter!
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I hope her hairdo was well worth it. It only cost her the lives of her two innocent children. What a "stupid" loser.......
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And she'll go out and drop more kids and won't give two hoots about the new ones either.

It doesn't bear thinking about what those little ones when through.

Stupid women like that never learn. They just don't put two and two together do they?
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I can't believe ANYONE could be that stupid... even the thickest of thick people surely would realise that leaving a baby and toddler in on their own for three hours is not a good idea anyway - let alone in a car in the middle of summer!??!?
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**evil smirk** Another stupid American **tisk tisk**

Really though I'm glad this woman is being charged with SOMETHING. I was worried she'd get off on account of being too stupid not to know.
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I didn't know there was a "Stupid" clause to all our laws, especially murder.

When Hubby was in the Air Force, we wrote a whole lot of bad checks - enough to land him felony charges. Now, he was too stupid to realize that this would come back on him, but that certainly wasn't presented as a defense. (Although at the time it would have been a good one. He also didn't think you actually had to make car payments to keep the car. )

Since when is being stupid a legal argument? If she's that stupid then why did her kids last as long as they did? How is she still alive? Sounds like a total BS cop-out to me.
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Amen to that! Even if there was a possible way that she didn't know about the heat in the car (which I strongly doubt), she would know that you don't leave an infant unsupervised for that length of time. It's disappointing that the DA copped out on this one.
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Another reason some people should be prevented from having children
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As a political science major, I am astounded that a judge bought the "stupidity" defense before they even had a trial. I know the Supreme Court said retarded people can't be executed, but they can still be CONVICTED. So we are letting "stupid" people get away with murder but still convicting the mentally retarded?
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She's not "getting away with it". The charges have been reduced. She, still has to stand trial and they are, still, felony charges. They, just aren't capital offenses, now.
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The "Stupid Defense", that's a new one. When I lived in Michigan, someone got off on a reckless driving charge because he said there were so many potholes, he had to weave around the street.

And we wonder why people think our country is so screwed up? Our legal system is in desperate need of an overhaul if we allow this kind of stuff to go on. I wonder how many more people will try to say, But I didn't know. Makes me mad.
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Nauseating! I think mandatory sterilization is needed—I don't think a "Stupid" lady will learn from the slap on the wrist she's just received.

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Up until just a few years ago, it was legal in South Carolina for a doctor to sterilize people that were " a burden to or useless to society." It was old, obscure that was never taken off the books. Apparently a doctor, ob/gyn, discovered it and was sterilizing women who came in year after year to have welfare babies. He did over 130 of them before he was found out. Some people raised a fuss, but there was nothing they could do. His lawyer proved that each of them, by having so many children on welfare, was a burden to society. I really didn't see the problem with this. The law is now off the books. I think that woman who left her children in the car to die is a prime example of that.
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Sorry, felony isn't good enough for me. That's what you get for shoplifting at Wal-Mart. This idiot killed her 2 kids through her own selfishness and neglect.
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I couldn't have said it better, Deb!!!
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Unbelievable. She's too 'stupid' to know better... yet she was 'smart' enough upon finding her dead children to drive around and attempt to concoct a story about why they were left in a car (isn't she the one that originally claimed she was abducted and raped???) before she drove to the hospital to seek help. That isn't stupid - that's conniving. And the children were an inconvenience to her. Plain and simple. The woman deserves nothing less than 1st degree murder.
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