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How much to feed a six month kitten

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Since I mostly feed home made recipies, how much should be fed to a six month kitten? The diet comprises of some vegies and chiken or mince beef. I feed about half of quarter pound of meal two time a day and still find him to be hungry for more. I am not sure weather to feed more then this amount or not. I occasionally also feed commercial cat foods which say 80 grams 1 - 2 times a day. still he is hungry.
I dont want to increase the amount just because I dont him to be overfed and at this age built it as a habit.
Plus I am also thinking to add a certain amount of baby grade multi vitamins but not sure how much. Can any one help with this one too?
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Firstly, unless you've done intensive research, I wouldn't advise a homemade diet. Cats need taurine as well as other additives in their food and you could be doing serious damage to your kitty if you are not preparing your homemade diet correctly.

Also, kittens need to be fed pretty much whatever they want. It's not going to cause bad habits - they are growing quickly and need the nutrition. They could also be hungry because they are not getting enough nutrients. Kitten food is balanced with all the extras for young ones that are growing quickly.

So, please, before you make the decision to make your own cat food, do plenty (and I mean plenty) of research to ensure you are doing it correctly and what is best for kitty.

Aslo don't add human vitamins to your cat's food.
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Yah make sure there is a calcium source (usually comes from eating bone in the wild) and plenty of taurine (prevelant in the heart). Veggies aren't really necessary in a cats diet (since they are not omnivores like dogs) and they will usually only eat them if they have too. An adult on a raw diet eats 2% of their body weight a day. Kittens at least double that.

If you are set on doing a cooked diet (look into pottengers cats, cooked diets are tough) then look into Wysong's supplements for raw diets. Wysong Call Of The Wild has calcium and taurine among many other things. There are amino acids destroyed in the cooking processa nd I'm not sure what supplement is good for replacing them, Wysong might have something though.
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Thanks for your replies, First of all I did extensive research therefore my recipies should be pretty balanced as they from pros(internet). Second I also feed bones and other stuff plus some cat croquettes ocassionally. But my question is still intact what :censor::censor::censor::censor: should be the recommended amount for my six month kity?
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