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This cat is such a love!

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Beetle has a wonderful way of greeting me in the morning. I will be sitting on the bed, and he will jump up and snuggle down at my side. Then he will take his lean paw and slowly inch his way up to my arm, gently wrap his paw around my arm (using no claws) and guide my arm down to my side. Using my arm as a ladder, he will sneak up slowly until his sinewy body is up my arm and his paws wrapped around my neck. Then he head bumps me twice, licks my nose, and climbs back down slowly until once again he is snuggled at my side! He is still leery of Mike, but since he was abused by men, this is understandable. When Mike is around, Beetle gets quite anxious and starts meowing and pacing and even at times growling. I am sure that once he understands Mike is a gentle man, this problem will go away. But he is the sweetest, sweetest cat!
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How sweet! He knows who loves him! How could anyone mistreat such a precious baby?
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That is so touching. The little darlings know when they have good people around them. And they are so grateful too.

It makes it all worth while and all the more satisfying when you can see a response from kitty.
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Oh hissy a tear just ran down my cheek ! That's when the proof is in the pudding - you get back what you put in!! He knows you care and I am sure in time he'll get to trust Mike too.
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ooooohh that is soooo sweet, Hissy!!
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He know what you did for him. What a sweetheart. MaryAnne you always bring such heartwarming stories here. Thank you for again brightening my day!
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I just put him with Mac and her kittens. There has been no posturing, other than MacKenzie clearly being submissive to him. He has played gently with the kittens and they ran amuck all over the house. Generally, I would of introduced them gradually, but the initial "Hi how are you" was so remarkable in how it unfolded that I just put them all downstairs and watched them. Plus it is already 90 degrees upstairs and that is way to hot for the kits to be there. Right now, they are all in the kitchen sprawled out on the tiles and looking like one big happy family.
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Beetle sounds like a perfect sweetheart. I'm sure he'll come to trust Mike in time... and it will be worth waiting for. One of our first cats was abused by a man and it took her almost a year to become absolutely comfortable with my DH. But once she did, it was the love of a lifetime. And I think it was all the more special for him because she sure made him earn that love, LOL!
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That sounds so great we want pics of the happy family!
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Yes! I want to see picture of Beetle!! That is so sweet how he loves up to you like that!!!!
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