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Max is acting strange

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We have a 1 yr old cat named Max & two weeks ago we decided to bring home a companion for him (Jake). They have gotten used to one another and are doing well in terms or socialization. Over the last few days I noticed that Max (1yr old) has not been as interested in food as usual & has been doing more sleeping than usual. It takes a bit of coaxing to get him to eat & when he does finally eat he eats very slowly which is unlike what he normally does. Tonight I decided to try and find out what the problem is & I think I may have found it.

I observed him closely this evening & noticed that when he eats his mouth makes a weird twitch like movement. I also noticed that he does this when sitting around & especially when he grooms himself. While administering Max's worm medication I noticed a small sore on his tongue. I believe this must be the cause of Max's pain & explains his slow reaction to food. The sore does not look infected or as though it requires a visit to the emergency animal hospital. After all, Max is eating

I believe that he sustained this injury during one of the wrestling matches that Max & Jake get into. They jump around, bug each other & do the normal cat playing thing. But I have noticed that they aren't messing with each other much at all for the last few days.

So my question is what can be done about Max's sore (if anything) or do we just need to let time heal it? Is there anything that I can do to help make eating easier for Max? Both Max & Jake eat raw & they also love wet & dry food.
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Without being sure of what exactly Max's problem is, it could be one of any number of things. It would be well advised to get him seen by a vet.
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If his mouth is hurting the vet can give him a tasty liquid diet. We just got some of that today for a kitten with little appetite. Three kittens, actually.
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Time for a trip to the vet.
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Took Max to the vet & he has a URI most likely brought on by the addition of Jake. Max was given lots of fluids & his blood work was done. He is taking an appetite stimulant to help get him to eat as well as what I call "Cat vitamins".

The vet gave him one of the appetite stimulants before we left & by the time we got home (20 mins) Max was looking for food. Max ate a whole days worth of food in one sitting!

Looks like he might be on the rebound & I hope it continues.
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Max is back to his old self. He is feeling much better and has been chasing Jake & eating without the assistance of his appetite stimulant. Looks like he's almost 100% back to his old self.
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That is good news. I hope Max and Jake both are well and happy and get along with you for a long time to come.
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