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Tilt-and-turn windows

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Greetings to everyone from a member who doesn't post nearly enough but finds you all vital (even if you don't know it!) in an emergency!

Thought I'd share with you what happened to my baby, Dave, today as a warning, she had an accident that had it not been for my super-star neighbours could have been very, very nasty and usually fatal.

Our flats are all fitted with tilt-and-turn windows, the kind that open fully if you turn the handle one way, and open on a slant if you turn it the other, and today while I was out I received a call from a neighbour saying that I had to get home NOW because my babe had tried to jump in an open window and was stuck and suffocating...I've never moved so fast in all my life.

Usually I'm super careful about these windows, my friend's cat died horrifically not so long ago in the same way, and I always make a point of shutting them when I'm not in the house if the babies are out, and only leaving ones they couldn't possibly get to open if they're in, infact last night, well after midnight I got out of bed purposely to check they were shut as I'm so paranoid about them, but I'm guessing that one of my daughters opened our lounge window to talk to a friend this morning and when I left the house this afternoon it didn't even occur to me to check, I feel so guilty, I knew Dave was out but she refused to come when I called her so I left her to it.

I still feel awful now, even though she's going to be fine it could have been a lot worse, a neighbour heard a cat screaming and came to investigate and found her wedged half in and half out of the window, right at the bottom. Between her and the girl upstairs they managed to hold her back legs up and find someone to call me, they held her until a tall enough man came and rescued her, I have no idea who he was but I'm eternally grateful.

I rushed her to the vets as soon as I got to her, and they told me she was very VERY lucky, they're not used to cats who have been through that leaving again. They explained in great detail what could have happened, not nice at all, and she's being kept in on a drip to flush her system through as apparently the muscles in her legs could have started to deteriorate which in a few days time could ruin her kidneys as the toxins pass through her body, Dave being Dave though, she's already having them in stitches watching her just be herself, she's a complete nutcase, so they have no real worries.

Here's a piccy of my baby, just to brag and show off how lovely she is! Please please please be aware of those windows!!!!
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also something else to encourage you and your flat mates to shut the windows. your home insurance is null and void if you leave the house with a window open. someone breaks in, fire, water damage etc... insurance won't cover your contents.

glad to hear your kitty is safe and sound!
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Oh my God what an awful scare, even as I was reading, I could feel myself tense up for you.

Whew, eh?

Great posting to let others be aware. Oh, they can get into such predicaments!!!

And, she certainly is gorgeous, wow.
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We have the same kind of windows, never occured to me that something like that could happen.

Must have been a very scary experience for you and poor little Dave. Glad to hear she is ok.
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