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Update on Tangerine/Please read!

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Hi Guys - I have been posting now and again about tangerine. Don't want to bore you buys that have been following... but I cannot believe the ordeal he has went through and survived... I also need a little advice... but first the good news.
Tanny has started to eat again... the vet gave him an a+ for his visit... after thinking my kitty was going to die and what he went through for 2 months... and considering PTS... i cannot believe he got a good report card!
He is peeing... not the best... but he is not blocked. It's like a fast drip and has been so for almost 1 week, which is good. The catheter worked! Also, his hair is growing back... and for the finale... he had his feeding tube taken out yesterday... you can tell he was in heaven when I was rubbing where he had the ace bandage around his neck for almost a month!

It is like such a fairy tale, as he had two surgerys, many many infections, and then HL, kitty anorexia... I cannot believe he is alive. He's more than alive... he follows me EVERYWHERE... it's almost getting weird... he plays with toys... it's crazy this cat has just been through so much!

I am now worried about him gaining weight (he lost 10 lbs), and getting him back. In order to get him to eat, we are on the fancy feast, but eventually I want to get him on better food. Also, he likes indoor junkie cat treats.. and this uti cat treat I found at petsmart.

Anyone have any other ideas... just want to get him eating a lot again, build up his immune system... but then, not sure what to feed him.
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Well, ask your vet first, but maybe babyfood (no onions) and/or kitten food (higher cal).
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Yeah, a high quality kitten food is a good idea! Plus after infections I like to give my kitties a spoon of plain yogurt a couple times a day.
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