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Need some vibes, or thoughts..... or something.

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I just sent my resume to the Woodstock SPCA, which deals mainly with cats and small animals such as rodents and the like.

I really want this job. I ahve been looking into a course at Georgian College that helps people get into the OSPCA, or Guelphs ridgetown campas for the vet tech course. But I don't think I am smart enough for the latter.
And on the advertisement in the paper, they said they were looking for someone with 7-11 months experience in the cat field... I have 3 years. And thats all the experience they were looking for.
All the dogs go to the Brantford SPCA, as they don't have the housing for dogs.

I have got a few problems with this though..

I live 40 minutes away from Woodstock... which ultimately means moving there. As I don't have a vehical or a person willing to drive me back and forth. Gas also is alot of money right now.
Of course my mum would want to move to Woodstock as well.. even if I wanted to live alone. I'd just take Apollo and Poptart and Gordito if I was going on my own.. but I would be working fulltime and I don't think that would be fair for them.. so the family coming may be the best idea.

I really want this job.. but don't really want it at the same time.. but this is the exact job I have been aiming for, for the past 2 years. And I have a chance.. but I don't know.

I sent my resume away anyway...we'll see what happens.
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It is a tough situation for sure, but I'm sending you lots of good luck vibes that you get the job
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Sometimes the best way to discover how you really feel about a given possibilty/opportunity is to apply and see how the process feels, see how it feels if you are accepted, etc. At any point, you can decide you don't want to go any further, but sometimes it's the process itself that tells you that in a way that you can own.

Good luck -- whichever way it goes.
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You know what? Think good thoughts and take the job if you are offered it! You never know what it may lead to - don't restrict yourself by being afraid to move or explore new pastures! This is your future that you are considering and you have to stay open to possibilities. I taught my daughter to do that. She took a job in Toronto and commuted from Kitchener (went to U of Guelph and loved the area). While she didn't want the commute, she did what she had to to get her foot in her field. It was the right decision! While the commute was horrible, particularly in the winter, it all worked out. She was "head-hunted" by a firm in Guelph for her dream job and is happily working there now. You just never know! Go ahead - follow your dreams! You'll be glad that you did!
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Good luck! they'd be crazy not to hire you!
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