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Looking for a tree (UK stockists)

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Hey again peeps,

I am getting all the bits'n'bobs together for my kitty kat, so far I have got some nice food, a rimmed litter tray (and scoop) and now I am looking for a nice tree.

I was in pets at home at the weekend, and their trees seemed to be very overpriced, I really don't want to be paying £50.00 for one!

Does anyone know of any good websites that do good cat toys?

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zooplus is pretty good (they're a german company but they ship to UK). I bought a ceiling high one from there and have had problems with it, but those are related to the specific design of that tree. I know a few people who have bought shorter ones from there and had no problems. This one is on offer at the moment and looks quite good

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I got mine at Lidls I think it was about £20. they seem to do a pets special about every three months so it might be worth waiting if you have one near you.

Chloe is sitting on the top so as you can see it is about 5feet high

I think it was good value for money.
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Thanks! I was on the zooplus website and thought it looked pretty good.
I also have a Lidl and Aldi near me - thanks for the replies!
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I know what it's like hunting for a decent cat tree at a budget price, i spent ages researching and checking out all the different websites and stores before i found this: http://www.barbro.co.uk/cattree.html
It's an excellent tree, really strong and our 2 siamese and one maine coon absolutely love it!

By the way of all places try out Argos as they have the same cat trees as pets at home but they are about half the price. Let us know what you decide!
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Thanks so much - as good as that tree looks, it's too big.
It has to go in my hall, so I'm looking for a medium sized one.
I'm away to check argos now - I'll let you know how I get on!
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Argos is good, as you said, usually way cheaper than pets at home.
Have you thought about trying ebay? I got a few good bits for Villy on there before I got her.
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