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Too Big Now

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I saw the funnies thing in my life and I had to share with my tcs family. MaxSheba went to pick up Max as she felt that they had spent enough time outside the nest, I means she allowed them almost an hour exploring the living room, Max was one of the last two, Hope was the other and she got ready to clamp down and pick him you (you know how they pick the babies up, the scary bitting and crap ) And I guess Max wasn't having it, so he flipped over and bit her instead! And meowed! I guess he said I am NOT going! After several attempts she moved on to the oldest, who was also having none of that. I think that is the funnies thing I've ever seen! They just flipped the script. She looked so shock. She had this, "if you werent getting so big look on her face....lol

In the end grandmeowmy stepped in b/c she was finally ready to feed them. So I made them go back, and believe me it wasn't easy, they bit me too lol
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Ruby is still carrying/dragging her 9.5 week old kittens to where she wants them to be. She seems to keep them out of trouble this way now that they have free reign of the house. She will pick them up and deposit them in the litter box or in front of their food/water. They really let her know they hate it, but don't fight back.
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aww! that's so cute. my mama cat is trying to drag her 16 week old kitten around lately too.
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Tell those Momma's it's time to cut the cord!!!
Loosen up on those apron strings!!!
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i just cracked up... i dont know why i found this so hilarious but i was sitting here reading and just started laughing... my husband looked up from watching tv like what the hell is wrong with you. Just the thought of the kitten sassing back to his mama was hilarious to me
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