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Food Poisoning

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Does anyone have any experience with feline food poisoning?

I have a couple of questions:
a) what kind of a time frame are you looking at for food poisoning from ingestion to symptoms? b) could the food have been bad right out of the can?
c) what does onset look like?
d) does food poisoning cause coccidia?

any spots to research online?

General background: (sorry so long)
Foster Kitten (of a litter of 5 bottle babies) died while I'm away on vacation...... vet says food poisoning led to coccidia but didnt send littermates home on any meds. basically I'm trying to get information to defend myself against the perception by both the vet and my foster home coordinator that I caused this kitten's death considering I wasn't even around (kitten in care of experienced petsitter - ex vet tech - who was staying at my house) The vet kept littermates for 3 days, sent them home with NO meds. so i doubt its coccidia. have requested appt with vet to discuss rather than get second hand info. babies are about 6 weeks old now, so theyve been with me about a month. last friday night i fed and bathed everyone (you know how weaning kittens can get so filthy!) saturday morning i fed them and then left some wet food out since i didn't know how long it would be til pet sitter showed up. Pet sitter fed saturday night, sunday morning, sunday afternoon and sunday night. went to bed. got up monday morning to feed everyone, one guy had crashed. rushed everyone to the vet, the one that died had white poop. (vet said either liver or kidney failure). what i can't get my head around is how we've come to the conclusion that it was food poisoning, that led to coccidia but there's no meds involved?!? Plus vet said that kittens were dirty (they probably were, pet sitter was going to bathe them sunday night, but it was late, so she opted to wait until Monday after work - but that didnt work out). so the perception is that i was neglectful (they were dirty) and pretty much just left them with wet food that spoiled, so they got sick and one died. I've been fostering for 2 years now, and had kitties all my life. I have NEVER lost a kitten due to any type of neglect or even stupidity on my part. I want to clear up the perception that I caused this, or have someone connect all the dots that say I DID cause it so I can learn and move on.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, and the difficulties you are experiencing. I have no experience on this subject, but I do recommend sitting down with the vet and going through his/her logic step by step - esp. as the others were medicated.
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