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The Frontier House - reality TV

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In the UK, they have just started a series on TV called "The Frontier House" which has three US families travelling to Montana (or somewhere else rural and hilly like Colorado) to live as the original settlers did - in a log cabin with limited food and no modern luxuries. This is starting to be very very funny.

One of the families come from California and are extremely well-off and not used to roughing it - the mother was shocked at not being allowed to bring any make-up and tried to smuggle some in with her.

I think it has been made with PBS (?) - is that public broadcasting for educational items? I've just searched for it and it looks like it has already been shown on the Fox network (?)

Anyway here is the website:


I am determined not to read about what happens as I'm looking forward to seeing the arguments develop on screen - he he

Anyone seen it?
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Ooo no I haven't seen it yet!! Which channel is on over here?? I love stuff like that
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Sunday C4 8pm. They only got started last week with lessons in how to cook and clean etc. The families start to settle in this week and start to fall out.

Did you watch the Edwardian Country House? That was so funny - the "servants" seemed to have a much better time, despite having to do all the work - and the "toffs" just came across as a bunch of $£?(%
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Cool! thanks, I'll have to try an remember when its on!!
And, nope, I didn't see that either!! (oh where have I been?!?!?!? :LOL: ) The only one I have watched recently (not quite the same... but close enough) is The Osbournes..... its really funny... apart from the constant swearing!! :laughing:
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I saw a bit of it last week. It was quite captivating viewing. What with the kid that got 'bitten' by a dog - he was yelling his head off, and this older guy rolls up his trouser leg and tells him to button it as there wasn't even a scratch on his skin. Ah. Bless.

BL - Are the Osbornes on in the UK? Is this on Cable/Satellite? I don't have that, but I'm considering Digital when they bring in the free service in autumn (I'm soooo tight you see . . .)

But as I live in a listed house I can't have a dish. That's my excuse anyway.
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I've just recently got Sky (after the demise of on-digital) but haven't managed to catch the Osbournes yet. Ozzy is just so funny - I remember seeing a documentary on him a few years ago which had me fascinated. Just the fact that he has managed to survive for so long. He must be pickled.
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Yola.... thats a good excuse if you're gonna use one!!! :laughing:
And yep, The Osbournes is on MTV at about 10/11pm on Sundays.... though I have just moved house and we don't have our dish back up yet either, so I'm missing it all!!! DOH!!

Oh and FlimFlam.... yes he IS SOOOO pickled!!!! (all his words are slurred, and he's deaf as a post so...... :LOL: )
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Poor Ozzy sure does have some problems, but I really like him! I can't wait until the new season starts here. All we have is reruns right now.
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I really wanted to see this and I missed it! Debby, you say they are rerunning this? It is on PBS? Do you happen to know what time? I know, I know, I'm full of questions!
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The Frontier House series has played here (Eastern NYS) and was so good we recorded all the episodes! It really shows in the end all the hardshops the people had to go thru back then....and is quite enlightening on our actions and behaviors today1 Be sure to watch the whole series - you will be surprised at some things! We watched the other series a while back too - very good! PBS is a wonderful channel!
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Colby...The Osbournes is the one I was talking about that they are showing in reruns...I don't know the times or days, but we catch them once in awhile on MTV.
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