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Do you know of any doctors that still do house calls?

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Just any of you know of any doctors that do housecalls anymore?
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Human doctors?

I know a few vets that do, though!
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"Doctors making Housecalls" advertises on the radio a lot. I don't think its a service I would use though.
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I don't know of any people dr's, but there is a vet in my area that does house calls. It's not a bad idea, cause she advertises that your pet feels "right at home" during the visit.... there's no anxiety trip in the car etc...
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Yes, my father has been known to do them from time to time. It depends on the patient though.
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I know a couple that would for long time patients or friends.. And I know another one who is basically a traveling dr and ONLY makes house calls, he doesn't have an office really..
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We have a health center consortium of 11 centers in 3 counties most of which are very rural -in the centers in the outer most regions there are MDs & PAs who do house visits on a regular schedule for the home-bound-especially our frail elders who have a difficult time getting out-
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mmmm no I dont know of any but I have heard of vets that make house calls because of the stress that it puts on animals to take them to the office
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My Grandparents Doctor makes housecalls, only to his elderly patients or mothers to be on bedrest.
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There are a couple of doctors in my grandparents area that work with elderly (geriatricians) that do housecalls with homebound elders. My grandma signed up with that practice and her doctor made a house call when she was recovering from surgery. I was surprised even though I used to work with an elder service agency in that city because my grandma usually was able to get a ride if needed, plus she lives 20-30 minutes from the practice!
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My family doc did back home, but he always did when we were kids also, he prefers you come to the practise though, if you can.
Here, not a chance, you can't even get him to come in for an early or late appointment!
My vet however, will happily make a home visit
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A Memphis doctor make a housecall? Nope, not if their lives depended on it lol. They'd rather you die on the way to the ER than go to your house and help you . I hope you have better luck in your city though. As for mine, i'm out of luck if i ever need a housecall
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