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Oooh No Not Again!

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Okay. As you all know my baby had her kittens. They are adorable and they will be a month old on Saturday. They are venturing out of the nest but no one is even attempting to look at mama's food yet, so they are all still nursing, which she is getting less and less willing to do. She goes into the nesting site very very little now. I noticed today that she is starting to show all the signs of being in heat!!! I was really hoping the kits would be trying some of moms food by now so she could be spayes, but they arent. Aside from keepign her in the house, which is so hard to do when she really really wants the heck out, what can be done. I really want her spayed but then the kits wont be able to eat. My back is up against the wall I she will NEVER have another kitten so long as I live!
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if i am not mistaken, she can still produce milk right after a spay. how old are the babies?
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the babies will be a month old Saturday, but I thought that directly after the surgery the kits couldnt nurse directly after that surgery.
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I feel for you !!!!! My Easy went into heat 1 week after she had her babies !!!!! And believe me she was stressed !!!! My vet advised me I cant remember exactly if it was when her babies were 6 or 8 weeks old to have her spayed. I had to start giving them a milk supplement .......Im not sure if she had any milk left after she was spayed .... but she still nursed them ......Good Luck .... I feel your pain !!!
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I think it depends on how much they are nursing which at 4 weeks old they are still completely nursing right? I know at 4-5 weeks they can be introduced to the mother's kitten food and the weaning begins. But I don't know how spaying will do with a cat who is still completely nursing. I could be wrong though.
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Thanks all.
And yes Jen that is what I heard. I heard that they couldn't be spayed while they are still nursing and yes, they are ALL still nursing and I make sure that since they will be 4 weeks on Saturday that she has a plate of food that is low enough if they take some interest in it, that they could try, but none of them have. so since she is completely nursing I tought there was nothing I could do. I guess she AND I will have to suffer until a few more weeks go pass and they begin weaning. Which is unsufferable because she is so sick when she gets like that I mean if there is EVER a time you don't love her, and don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces and I feel like she is one of my children, but if there were EVER a time, that is it. All the low grade meowing, butt in the air. She acts like her booty is on fire or something the way she keeps it off the ground. The constant meowing, and that is only the beginning. After it gets really bad then she starts HOWLING, backing up into anything that brushes her tail, meowing at anything walking and she turns into a complete slut, hence the ugly baby daddy she has now

Isnt there anything I can do for. Is there nothing but spaying that will calm this down?
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my heart goes out to you i have all this to come but at least i know what to look for now thanks for the great description
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I've heard of vets inserting a tube to make them think they've mated and stop the heat, but I don't know if its advisable. It seems pretty simple and painless to me and would put her out of her misery.
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I would just do whatever you can to keep her in... I know how difficult that can be, but just try, and then get her spayed in a couple of weeks when the kittens are weaning. My Church's kittens are 5 weeks now... I started weaning them at about 3.5 weeks, for the first few days they had no interest, but now at 5 weeks and one day old they will mow down on both canned food and kibble. Church is getting spayed on Friday, so I have been trying to encourage her milk to dry up a little sooner by keeping her seperated from the kittens through the day and letting her be with them at night. I would not normally do this, but the kittens are big, strong and healthy and I would prefer Church to not be loaded with milk when she gets spayed. Nor do I wish to take a chance on her getting pregnant again, she is one determined cat!
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Although she is miserable, and so are you, it is worth it for her health to keep her inside. Just remember that this will pass. I suggest keeping her in a bedroom, so you have two doors between her and the outside. This will keep her safe inside, and keep her from getting preggers again.
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she can be as miserable as she wants She aint going NO WHERE! I am interested in how you helped them along with the regular food. They are almost 4 weeks and I'd like to get them started. They are all healthy and LOUD lol. Please let me know your process for helping them get to know food so that she can be spayed. I WANT HER SPAYED ASAP. I have tried everything. They've seen mama eat. I have put it in front of them with her out of the way. They just seem to have NO interest in it. With the exception of loving to walk in it. I have one young man who RUNS when he sees me put it down, not to eat now, to run through it. EVERYTIME lol So help me get these babies at least interested in her food please.
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I put a dab of wet kitten food on my finger and GENTLY opened the kits mouth.I put the food on the kits tongue and let the kit lick it off.As soon as they acted interested in the wet food, then I showed them the food by GENTLY putting thier faces at the food.
Patience is the ONLY thing I can say.They will get the hang of it.Expecially if Mom starts to dry up.Good luck!
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Yeah. That is true. I did put a dab on their noses. They licked it off, after forever lol, but I figured if I dab a little everyday and they see mama eatign they will get the hint b/c she is certainly NOT all that interested in nursing, OR being in the nest anymore.
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