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Ugh...Doctor's Appt. Today

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I need "good luck at the gyno vibes."

I've been struggling with abnormal paps, cervical dysplasia and the resulting biopsies, LEAPs, etc for the past two years. It was originally discovered when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, but couldn't have the biopsy because it would compromise my cervix during the pregnancy. By the time she was delivered, it had progressed to grade 2 dysplasia. I had the LEAP and at my last visit, in January, had downgraded. I was supposed to go back in July, was at the office, then my doc had to go deliver a baby (which, I totally understand, because he had to leave patients to deliver mine). I just hope its good news and the cycle won't start again (bad pap, colposcopy, biopsy, LEAP).

I'm really thinking that instead of struggling with this for the rest of miy life, I'm going to ask about a uterectomy. Just take it out. I'm only 26 and do not want to go thru this my entire life. I have been to the OB/GYN about 35 times in the past 3.5 years and its no fun!!!

Anyway, vibes and prayers are appreciated.
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I'm sorry to hear about this - sending you many prayers/vibes
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aww good luck i gotta call the gyno as well i had a d&c a year ago and my periods havent been the same, but good luck to you let me know what happens
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Good luck - you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Sending major good luck vibes your way!!!!
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TOns of luck and vibes your way!
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Good luck.......I've been through some of that, so I know how you feel! It'll all work out!
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Sorry to hear of your problems. When I was 24 I had cervical cancer which was successfully removed. 9 years later we had our beautiful daughter. By the time she was 3 years old I had so much pain every month that my doctor recommended a hysterectomy. It was the best thing that ever happened for me. No more pain, no more monthly cycles and overall feeling better.

I send healing vibes to you.
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what is a uterectomy

is it like a historectomy
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Oh I'm sorry to hear that! *sending good vibes* I've just recently, this year, began dealing with abnormal paps and each one so far has come back the same. Every 3-4 months I have to go in for another test. It's not progressed to the point that they want to do a LEAP, but they want to monitor me closely just in case.
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Sixteen years ago, I was diagnosed Stage III-A HPV and I opted to just have a hysterectomy and have done with it. At the time, I was 32 and through with having kids. To this day, I've never regretted it - ONE surgery and problem solved!
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Good luck darlin! I'm sending you lots or prayers and vibes. You will make it through this! You're a trooper and you have lots of support from your TCS friends! Keep us posted on the doctor update. Feel free to pm me if you need someone to talk to.
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