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Cayko's Toe - Need Advice

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The toe that was bitten the shortest has completely healed. The toe that had just a chunk taken off the top is not healing quite as well. It was not as clean of a bite, half of the paw pad was taken off and I'm not sure if there is bone damage or not. The toe is more swollen than I'd like though. What can a vet do for her? She is currently 17 days old. What is the earliest they can give antibiotics? Is there anything a vet could do yet?

Originally the vet told me to apply a small amount of neosporin which is what I've been doing. She does not seem to be in any pain and even though she is the smallest she is probably the biggest bully for the nipple, easily pushing her siblings out of the way. She is also the most mobile and was the first to open her eyes.

I don't see any seeping. There is a good size scab and around the edge of the scab is a lighter brown that does not seem to be liquidy but does not seem to be a part of the scab either... Its just swollen. Is it possible its abscessed? Knowing the vet is a risky place for a young kitten, when do I know its riskier to not go in?
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Does she have a fever? Taking her temp may give you an idea of whether it is infected or not.
When I saw the pics it looked as though it was healing really well, but if her foot feels warmer to the touch than the rest of her that is also an idication of infection.
Also, if you do think it is infected would your vet maybe prescribe antibiotics for you that you could go and pick up without having to bring the kitten in? I know a lot of vets don't like to do that, but when I was raising siamese my vet would occasionally help out in a situation like that, where I know what is wrong and know what is needed, since you are right, it is risky to bring her into the vets at this age.
Not a lot riskier than a kitten who has had shots though, since those kittens will have immunity from their mother at it's strongest point right now. It's after weaning and before vaccinations that is really risky since you can't know for sure how long the antibodies are going to last in each individual kitten.
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I actually don't think its infected based on what you describe then. She shows no sign of fever, is super active, and no difference in heat in the foot. What else could cause swelling? What if its abcessed?
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Does it look really red or inflamed? Do you think it could be scar tissue forming over it to protect bone?
Maybe a new pic?
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I'll try to get a new picture of the foot tonight. There is still a pretty good sized scab on that toe. Its just more swollen than I'd like.
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If you have a digital camera, take a few pics of her toe.........different angles and take it to your Vet and ask what they think should be done with it.
With absesses, they usually get warm or hot to the thouch.
Good luck and I hope her toe is o.k.!!
Just thought about something else, call your Vet and ask if you can safely soak her toe in Epsom salt for about 15 mintues a couple of times a day.That's what my kids Ped. told me to do for my son's abcessed finger.
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I would think that if it's infected it would be red and painful. And hot. I would definitely be very careful about taking her to the vet, because that's the only place Smudge went, and he got FIP...Keep us posted...
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I was going to take pictures the ohter night...but it was looking a lot better. I actually think the toe might look so much bigger because the toe next to it is so short and stubby now. It definitely was swollen but not near as much as when I originally posted this. I'm keeping a close eye on it.
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