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Hi. I am a new user. This is my first post and I'm still trying to understand exactly how the site works. I have been receiving the e-mail from this cat site for a while now, but I've never registered or posted an e-mail. I have a unique issues with one of my cats and I was hoping to get some feedback from long-time cat owners. Is what I have done with this e-mail the way to post questions on the website or am I to send a private e-mail to someone and then they post my questions?
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Do what you just did. Post your questions in the appropriate foruma dn then you will receive replies. If you have further issues, then you can PM specific members with more experience.
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Also, I haven't been over to New Cats on the Block yet today, so I don't know if you've posted there, but do come on over and introduce yourself and your kitties. We'd all love to get to know you, and one of the Mentors will be in touch to welcome you and help you find your way around. And it's always OK to post your How-To questions here. Welcome!
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