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Wedding Photo

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Now, I thought it was about time to bare all and post one of our favourite wedding photos. Tom and I were married on the Big Island of Hawaii on 20th May 2002 in a gorgeous little chapel called St Peters in Kailua Kona.

It was our trip to Hawaii that brought me to this site in a roundabout way. You see, our beautiful daughter Tatiana who was a 3 year old Russian Blue died at the cattery a week after we left for Hawaii. She choked on dry cat food and died. As you can imagine, we were heartbroken, she was our world.

In my quest to get help with a little Siamese kitten we bought soon after, I stumbled across this site and began posting. Being a part of this site has been such a huge help for me during my period of grieving over Tatiana and through the problems we experienced with Kona (siamese kitten).

Now there's good news and bad news.... We finally realised that Kona just wasn't meant to live with us so my mother enthusiastically adopted him last week. His bad behaviour has ceased and he is a sweet little angel now that he has a stay at home mummy to care for him. :tounge2:

The bad news is that we are now catless and hating it.

But wait, there's more good news! We found a lovely 1 year old Russian Blue who needed to be adopted after her family had a new human baby enter their lives. Her name is Phoebe and we're collecting her from the local airport tomorrow! We are so excited!

I'll keep you posted on our progress with helping Phoebe settle into her new home.


Please see post below for wedding photo (returned to add picture but couldn't)
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I'm so happy the siamese saga has got resolved. Maybe Kona and you guys were never meant to be. Phoebe sound adorable, and I hope she lives up to your expectations. I'm sure she will.

If you mum is now an official 'cat person' maybe you should introduce her to the site too!
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Lisa and Tom's Hawaiian Wedding Photo.....
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WOW, great pic!
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Hi Lisa,
I have a wonderful Maine Coon and just talked to the breeder who told me that she has 2 adorable blue girls at the momentThe MCs are wonderful family cats Perhaps you´d like to have a look at her homepage.it´s Doublebee owned by Maria Brook Blaut.She is also listed as a very serious and conscientious breeder who still cares for the cats she´s sold and keeps in touch with their new owners.She even takes the furries back when they fall ill and the new owner feels helpless.Normally she is successful nursing them back to health.She´s a wonderful woman. I met her last year on a plane to the States which led to my getting a MC:Give that breed a thought. 2 cats is always better than one.I feel that our domestic shorthair from a shelter is much happier with company although at first she didn´t like the idea and was convinced that the intruder would leave soon.I forgot Congratulations on your marriage.Iwish you health and happinessand that you´ll stick together whatever may happen Ihave been married for 32 years now and it´s not always eating cotton candy. We have 2 sons one is living in the States .all the best Elisabeth in northern Germany
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Hi Lisa

That's a lovely photo (sorry - it wasn't there last time I posted on this thread - just a pic of a church).

You two look so happy and is that your real hair or extensions? I've only ever managed to get my hair about half that length before it stopped growing.

Ah. Must be all that sunshine you guys have . . .
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Beautiful picture Lisa! You both look so happy.

I'm glad Kona is in a place where he is happy. Knowing your mom will take care of him, and they will be good companions for one another has to make you happy too. I hope your new Blue Princess is all you want and more. I'm sure she will be.
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Sounds like you guys had a great time!!

I hope that your new kitty settles in well and I'm sure Kona will love it just as much with your mom.
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Lisa! What a beautiful couple you and hubby are!!!

I am glad you have found little Phoebe to come into your lives. I too have a cat named Phoebe!! I am sure she will be very happy with you!!!
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Hi guys,

Thanks for all of your kind words. Yes Yola my hair's natural - no extentions, and you're right Elisabeth, a house without a cat is definately no home - that's why we were so desperate to have another feline child after losing Tatiana.

Finally, the waiting is over - we are the proud new parents of Phoebe a one year old Russian Blue! She flew in from Sydney on Saturday afternoon.

As is usual for us, dramas ensued as we discovered that an urgent blood supply for the local base hospital took priority over Phoebe so she was forced to wait in Sydney for the next flight. We had no idea what was going on - we went to pick her up and they just said sorry, there's no cat on this plane. We had drive all the way back home (60km round trip) and make some calls to find out what had happened and then go back into town to pick her up from the later flight. Oh well, it all worked out in the end.

It was love at first sight - she is even more beautiful than her photo! She's been very loving and affectionate towards us, no hiding or being scared of her new environment - she's been great.

Here's a photo of Phoebe - isn't she adorable :tounge2:
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Here's a photo of the gorgeous little chapel we were married in...
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Lisa. I am speechless. Phoebe is seriously beautiful. You are lucky to be sharing your life with such a beautiful little furangel.
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LisaV - sometimes we have to trust in God to help us sort things out! You and your husband look absolutely so much in love! Congratulations on your wedding and I wish you many happy years together. Phoebe is a beauty! Koni is in a new home with lots of loving....What a happy ending!
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Phoebe is beautiful! And what a lovely little church you were married in! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!
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What a beautiful new addition to your home!

What a wonderful place to get married! Did you have family and friends with you?
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Toms brother lives in Hawaii so he and his wife and son attended the wedding but other than that it was just us. The whole idea was to make a commitment to each other somewhere romantic. Neither of us is really religious and we weren't too keen on the whole white wedding concept. Much of our families live all over the country and even the world so we don't have too much contact with them so we thought it pointless to waste a whole heap of money and inconvenience everyone (including ourselves) by organising a tradional wedding.

We had a professional photographer/videographer there to capture the event so everyone back home could see it. For the cost of a very very cheap wedding here, we got an overseas holiday, a beautiful Hawaiian wedding and a really special honeymoon - who could ask for more! Well, it would be nice to return to Hawaii every anniversary!

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