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I know probably no-one here knows everything a cat can and can't eat but, asking on the off chance that anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice.

I walked into the living room this morning to see her doing her usual chewing, the kind she does when she's found something she obviously can't eat, but gives it a go anyway. I ran over to retrieve whatever it was like I always do, but I think she swallowed it. Sitting there in front of her was a small piece of styrofoam, which I assume she'd just eaten a bit off. Ugh, why do cats want to eat every little spec they find, or maybe it's just mine!

Anyway, is this something I should be very concerned about right away, or just keep an eye on her for now. Or could it have no effect on her at all?
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I would just keep an eye on her. It probably won't cause any problems, but watch for changes in stool, thirst and appetite. If you do a lot of shipping, you might try those cellulose packing peanuts. They dissolve in water!
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