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Allergy season

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I've noticed that in the past couple of days my seasonal allergies are starting up.
Hopefully they won't be too bad-right now my nose is stuffed up the eyes aren't itchy ...yet
Who else has theier allergies starting??
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Yup this is my time of year for allergy woes I had the itchy scratchy ears/throut last week. This week I have a massive sinus headache I can't seem to get rid of I'm really going to get in trouble if I have to go to the doctor too- I'm supposed to be on clariten(sp) and prednisone but I refuse to be dependant on them-in other words I'm just hardheaded
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Ugh I hate alergys. Mine are usually in the spring early summer
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Yeah I've had a runny nose and have been sneezing lots the last couple of days. Must start using the Clariten again.
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Was at the drug store yesterday & the pharmacist was talking to a customer about this being major allergy time for pine pollen in our area-especially for swimmers because the pollen floats on top of the water & doesn't blow away-Must have been a cue for my nose to start running & the headaches to begin
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There's a SEASON for allergies?!?! Mine seem to go from the beginning of Spring until the first hard freeze.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
There's a SEASON for allergies?!?! Mine seem to go from the beginning of Spring until the first hard freeze.
Mine too. The last few weeks they have been worse though. I have 24 hr allergy medicine (that was expensive) and I seem to have to take them twice a day. I kep sneezing to the point where my throat hurts and my nose is always stuffed up. Vicks vapo rub on my nose helps quite a bit.
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I stocked up on sudafed and clariten this morning. I won't take anything until I really need it but I have headaches off and on throughout the day-I'll start drinking more water now as I start blowing nose more (forgot to buy more tissues-rats)
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My allergies seem to have become year round in the past few years, but I've definately noticed more sniffly sneezies in the past few days, and my throat has been sore in the morning for the past two. The only allergy medication that I've found that doesn't make me hyper and/or sleepy is Allegra nowadays. Claritin used to work great, but all of the sudden it started making me sleepy. But my allergies have gone from sniffly/sneezy to nasty asthma like symptoms. I'd take the sneezing back instead of that!
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I have allergies year round from one thing or another... but for summer/spring pollen allergies i just learned a great tip:

Honey. Locally harvested only. Use it in cooking and whatnot, or, if you're like me and are sneezing from the time you wake up, take a teaspoon of it in the morning and again whenever you get another attack.

It makes sense: local honey bees harvest pollen from local flowers, presumably ones you're sneezing about, they bring that pollen back and make honey out of it... local growers/farmers harvest that very honey and sell it at local farmer's markets. You eat that honey and you build up a tolerance to the local pollens. Best to get wildflower honey. If the farmer has the option, pick late harvest or early harvest. The people this last weekend had that option. I picked up a fair amount of late harvest honey for a decent amount of money on Saturday morning. Farmer's markets... seriously...

I first learned of this on the show Good Eats on the Food Network. Alton Brown has lots of funky little tips about food. so now, I hit the farmer's market.

Granted, this won't help my dust allergy... of course cleaning is the only thing that'll help that... HA!

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I've heard of the honey thing before, but wasn't sure where to get it! We have a local farmer's market not far from my new place, so I'll have to check it out and see if they have any honey there. Thanks for the tip!
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That's a really interesting tip about the honey. I'll look for some local honey when I finally get around to going to the farmers market.
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Mine are year round, but that's what I get from living in the allergy capital of Canada! Anyway, Claritin year-round for me per my doctor's advice. I find I'm much improved taking vitamins and extra Omega 3. Vitamin C and Cold FX doesn't hurt either, especially considering I'm trying to defend myself against my husband's dreaded summer cold right now - oh I hate my asthma!
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