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In memory of...Gnome Punt :(

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I have just learned of the sad demise of...Gnome.

You can read about him here

Gnome was a good gnome,He let us kick him,he let us send him burning in flames through countless cow pats....many many times.

Unfortunately it seems Gnome took one Punt too many.
He has sadly departed this e-realm

I myself feel personally responsible for the untimely demise of Gnome.
I knew the day before yesterday he was suffering,I knew I was punting Gnome too far,but no,I turned the sound off and I carried on,for my own selfish gratification.

I am so sorry Gnome Please forgive me for what I have done.

R.I.P Gnome...Punt happily at the bridge

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That poor poor gnome I was enjoying kicking him, dropping him in the mud and setting fire to him... what am I going to do now
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I wanted to play
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I was starting to get good... at first mine just kept bursting into flame... but I hadn't flamed a gnome for a while.... I miss the little gnomes
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I can't believe you ladies killed it
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I was and he's not gone all together some people would like us to think he is, maybe a few people with high scores felt threatened All you have to do is for gnome punt he's not just put gnome punt in your little browser, he's out there alive and well and waiting to feel your BOOT, I will not stop no matter what it is I have to beat, can't call me the quitter So those of you who want to continue may do boot, because I was not giving up, so lets wait and see hehehe
Have a Wonderful Day punting if you choose
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Ok I'm going to check out the DOZENS of sites for gnome punting....There out there we know they are..
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Ah, the little gnome monsters had it commin
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