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What are Lusa's Adoption Chances?

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What are chances for Lusa being adopted now as a 5 - 6 week old kitten vs. a 8 - 9 week old kitten?

As some you all know, I found Lusa on the side of the road almost 2 weeks ago. I didn't take her to the Humane Society because she was thin and ill, and I thought there'd be a good chance she'd be put down. I'd really like to keep her, but my resident dog is questionable with cats. We've done a couple of intros between them, and so far so good. But, my fear is that by the time we know for sure that he won't be OK with her, some window of adoptability will have passed for Lusa.

I've requested an application to put Lusa on the waiting list of our local no-kill shelter and have contacted about 4 cat rescues. No replies from the rescues as yet. No one I know personally is looking to adopt a kitten.

Lusa's eye infection has almost cleared up, but she's still sneezing and needs 2 more dewormings and her first shots. It'll be the beginning of September before her treatments are done. She looks MUCH better than she did when I found her and her personality is affectionate and curious. She's a born lap cat.

Will her kitten cuteness by waning by then and decrease her chances? Would a rescue take her before her worming was completed?
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shes still young, her chances are good. and heck, not everyone wants a kitten, Ive adopted an adult before.

keep being a good foster mommy, someone will adopt her and thank you very very much for your kindness and warm heart!
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Kittens remain cute and very adoptable beyond 4 months. Sadly, you do have to consider that many people prefer a kitten to a cat...but you have plenty of time. In fact, I think her chances will go up when she is done with the vet treatments for sneezes and worms.

Good luck finding her a home...it is kitten season, and their are more kittens than there are homes...but you only need ONE home for her, right?
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We adopted our domestic cats when they where 5 and 7 month old from a cat home. For us the age didn't matter and for a lot of people it is an advantage that the cats are old enough to be fully vaccinated and spayed allredy. I have good experiences from having cats and dogs together, especially if one of them are young when they meet the first time, but count on two to three month before they have adapted fully to eachother. Good luck.
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